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CC: C1-239502 get it LS on service authorization for/to partner MC system 2023-11-21
CC: R3-237964 get it Reply LS on the user consent for trace reporting 2023-11-21
TO: S2-2311881 get it LS to clarify PS Data Off exemption for services over IMS DC 2023-10-18
CC: S2-2313605 get it Reply LS on charging aspects of AI/ML traffic 2023-11-20
CC: S2-2313776 get it LS on Ranging/SL Positioning service exposure security and privacy check 2023-11-20
CC: S4-232055 get it LS on Support of interworking between SA4 RTC and IMS 2023-11-21
CC: S5-238106 get it LS on network energy related information exposure 2023-11-21
CC: S5-238107 get it LS on the progress update of AI/ML Management specifications in SA5 2023-11-21
TO: SG13-LS107 get it LS on consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.3400 (ex Y.IMT2020-CNC-req) ""Coordination of networking and computing in IMT-2020 networks and beyond - Requirements"" 2023-11-09
TO: SG13-LS108 get it LS on initiation of a new Technical Report ITU-T TR.ISAC-fra ""Considerations of integrated sensing and communication in IMT-2020 networks and beyond"" 2023-11-09
TO: SG13-LS115 get it LS on the consent of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.3128 (ex Y.IMT2020-NFC-req) ""Requirements for network function communication between Public Networks and public network integrated Non-Public Networks in IMT-2020"" 2023-11-09
TO: SG13-LS124 get it LS on initiation of draft new Recommendation ITU-T Y.U2USM-req-fra ""Future networks including IMT-2020: Requirements and framework for the support of UE-to-UE session management"" 2023-11-10
TO: sp17-fg-mv-oLS-00020 get it LS on request to provide the standardization status for metaverse cross-platform interoperability 2023-10-16
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