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CC: 5G-ACIA_ LS_3GPP_Exposure_29062020 get it 5G capabilities exposure for factories of the future 2020-06-30
CC: C1-203221 get it Reply LS on support of eCall over NR 2020-06-15
TO: CP-201361 get it LS on human-readable network name (HRNN) 2020-07-02
TO: R2-2003870 get it Reply LS on manual CAG selection 2020-05-15
TO: R2-2003941 get it LS on UAC applicability to IABs 2020-05-15
CC: S2-2004335 get it Reply LS on manual CAG ID selection and granularity of UAC parameters for PNI-NPNs 2020-06-03
TO: S2-2004440 get it Reply LS on service area restriction for CIoT 5GS optimization 2020-06-08
CC: S2-2004478 get it Reply LS on the applicability of LADN in an SNPN 2020-06-08
CC: S2-2004663 get it Reply LS on Statement on UAV Remote ID Priority in Release 17 2020-06-16
CC: S5-203369 get it Reply LS to Reply LS on support for eCall over NR 2020-06-15
CC: S5-203370 get it LS on SA5 Rel-17 work on SLA 2020-06-15
TO: S6-200946 get it LS on 5GMSG store and forward 2020-06-03
CC: SAE AA TC LS to 3GPP RAN v07a get it LS on Sidelink Positioning for advanced V2X applications 2020-06-03
CC: WI042_2020_06_29_5G_ACIA_LS_WI042_to_3GPP-RAN1 get it LS on 3GPP NR Rel-16 URLLC and IIoT performance evaluation 2020-06-29
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