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TO: 2023_09_09_5G-ACIA_LS_3GPP_5G_Sidelink get it Using 5G sidelink in industrial factory applications use cases and requirements 2023-09-29
TO: 5GAA_WG4_239482 get it LS on Automotive Requirements for Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) Enhancements in Rel-19 2023-12-01
TO: 5GAA_WG4_239483 get it LS on SL Deployment Progress for SL evolution discussions in Rel-19 2023-12-01
TO: CD0142r2.5G-MAG LS to 3GPP TSG RAN 102 get it LS on 5G-MAG report on Time and Frequency Interleaving for broadcast services in 3GPP Systems 2023-12-06
TO: CITS-LS14 get it LS on the establishment of an Expert Group on Communications Technology for Automated Driving 2023-10-11
TO: LS to 3GPP 6GPS V1 get it NGMN Liaison Statement to 3GPP regarding a new NGMN Board 6G Publication 2023-10-25
TO: LSin_GSOA get it 3GPP NTN Based Satellite Networks - Deployment Considerations 2023-12-01
TO: LSout_to_SDOs_on_ISG_ISAC_Launch get it Launch of new ETSI ISG ISAC 2023-11-30
CC: R3-235924 get it Reply LS on FS_VMR solutions review 2023-10-16
CC: R3-237745 get it Reply to LS on AI/ML Core Network enhancements 2023-11-21
CC: R3-237964 get it Reply LS on the user consent for trace reporting 2023-11-21
TO: S2-2311921 get it LS on AI/ML Core Network enhancements 2023-10-18
CC: S5-238107 get it LS on the progress update of AI/ML Management specifications in SA5 2023-11-21
TO: sp17-jca-imt2020-oLS-00014 get it LS on Invitation to update the information in the IMT-2020 and beyond roadmap 2023-11-08
TO: sp17-sg12-oLS-00049 get it LS on Agreement of Technical Report ESTR.NUI ""RF level based single-number indicator for mobile network usefulness for a given range of applications"" 2023-10-05
TO: sp17-sg20-oLS-00096 get it LS on the consent of draft Recommendation ITU-T Y.4493 (ex Y.IoT-AOS-prot) ""Autonomic operations support protocols in the Internet of things"" 2023-10-09
TO: sp17-sg20-oLS-00102 get it LS on the initiation of a new work item on draft Supplement ITU-T Y.Sup.VFS ""Functional architecture of connected vehicle formation supporting based on edge computing"" 2023-10-09
TO: TCCA-LS-to-RAN_SA_102-Edinburgh-20231130-v1_1 get it LS on Release 19 prioritisation D2D sidelink enhancement multi-hop 2023-12-01
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