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TO: R1-2306119 get it LS reply on switching time for DL PRS or UL SRS frequency hopping for RedCap UEs 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306126 get it Reply LS to RAN4 on LP WUR architectures 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306197 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on unified TCI-state and fast SCell activation 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306211 get it Reply LS on Rel-18 Multi-carrier enhancement for NR 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306212 get it Reply LS on 1-symbol PRS 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306216 get it LS to RAN4 on SRS and PRS bandwidth aggregation for positioning 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306222 get it LS on Rel-18 RAN1 UE features list for LTE after RAN1#113 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306225 get it LS on Rel-18 RAN1 UE features list for NR after RAN1#113 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306227 get it LS on the use of a single measurement gap for DL PRS with Rx hopping measurement 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306241 get it Reply LS on NR support for dedicated spectrum less than 5 MHz for FR1 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306248 get it LS on determination of UL timing to transmit SRS for positioning by UEs in RRC_INACTIVE states 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306257 get it Reply LS on RS supported for group-based reporting 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306259 get it LS on beam application time, contents of cell switch command, TCI state activation and UE based TA measurement for LTM 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306270 get it LS on Rel-18 higher-layers parameter list 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306564 get it LS on new DRX cycles in rational numbers 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306594 get it LS on autonomous denial 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306732 get it LS on Signalling alternatives 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306810 get it Further Guidelines on UE capability definitions 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306841 get it LS on LPHAP 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306862 get it Reply LS on non-simultaneous UL and DL from different two bands during UL CA 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306865 get it Reply LS on MAC-CE Based Indication for Cross-RRH TCI State Switch 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306866 get it Reply LS on Lower MSD Capability Signaling 2023-06-02
CC: R2-2306897 get it LS on Early TA and RACH-less 2023-06-02
CC: R2-2306898 get it LS on L1 measurements for LTM 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306918 get it LS reply on FR2 unkonwn SCell activation enhancement 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306919 get it Reply LS on measurements without gap 2023-06-02
CC: R3-233478 get it LS on applicability of pre-configured measurement gaps for RedCap UE 2023-05-30
TO: R5-233668 get it LS response on CA/DC MSD requirements 2023-06-01
TO: R5-233669 get it LS on additional UE Gain parameters 2023-05-30
CC: S1-231805 get it Reply LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-06-01
CC: S4-231111 get it LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-06-01
Number of incoming LS documents: 31

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