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TO: 200603 Liaison Statement from NGMN to 3GPP RAN4 on 5G NR OTA_V1.1 get it NGMN Liaison Statement to 3GPP RAN4 on 5G NR Over The Air test methodologies and performance requirements 2020-06-18
CC: O-2020-001473 (3GPP)-signed get it Resolutions of the World Radiocommunication Conference, 2019 (WRC-19) 01PC(FMD)O-2020-001473 2020-04-28
CC: R1-2004784 get it LS response to RAN2 LS on Guard Symbols in IAB 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2004810 get it Reply LS on pre-emption on CSI-RS for L3 measurement 2020-06-08
CC: R1-2004912 get it LS on categories for terrestrial broadcast 2020-06-03
CC: R1-2004915 get it LS to RAN2 on NR-U RSSI Measurement Duration 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2004954 get it Reply LS on RAN4 IAB-MT feature list agreement 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2004959 get it LS on the UE DL PRS processing 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2004965 get it LS on UE capability on wideband carrier operation for NR-U 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2004992 get it Reply LS on NR-U SSB monitoring capabilities 2020-06-08
CC: R1-2004994 get it LS Reply on DCP Open IssuesR1-2004994 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2004998 get it LS to RAN2 on initial BWP for NR-U 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2005081 get it LS on SCell Dormancy 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2005096 get it LS on updated Rel-16 RAN1 UE features lists for NR 2020-06-08
TO: R1-2005098 get it LS on sidelink synchronization timing reference 2020-06-15
TO: R1-2005109 get it LS on updated Rel-16 RAN1 UE features lists for NR after RAN1#101-e 2020-06-15
CC: R1-2005118 get it LS on further updated Rel-16 RAN1 UE features list for LTE 2020-06-15
TO: R2-2005851 get it LS reply to RAN4 on UE declaring beam failure due to LBT failures during active TCI switching 2020-06-02
TO: R2-2005858 get it LS to RAN4 on RRM relaxation in power saving 2020-06-03
TO: R2-2006030 get it Reply LS on Rel-16 UE feature lists 2020-06-02
TO: R2-2006192 get it Reply LS on supporting Rel-16 NR HST from Rel-15 UEs 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006264 get it Reply LS on inter-frequency measurement without gap 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006287 get it Reply LS RAN4 on RRM Enhanced Measurement Reporting 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006318 get it Reply LS on SCell dormancy requirement scope 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006322 get it LS on UE capability xDD differentiation for SUL/SDL bands 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006352 get it LS on Clarification on RAN4 features of NE-DC 2020-06-29
CC: R2-2006448 get it Reply LS on XDD-FRX Differentiation 2020-06-29
CC: R3-204399 get it Response LS on Exchange of information related to SRS-RSRP measurement resource configuration for UE-CLI 2020-06-25
TO: R5-202805 get it LS on ambiguity in output power requirements for power class 2 UE for EN-DC 2020-06-02
TO: R5-202806 get it LS on RF testing of 4Rx capable UE 2020-06-02
TO: R5-202963 get it LS on structure of NR CA reference sensitivity requirements in 38.101-1 2020-06-02
CC: RP-201392 get it LS on introducing UE capability for power class for NR band in MR-DC combination 2020-07-06
CC: SE(20)084A17 get it LS to WGFM and ECC PT1 on measurement methodologies for 5G AAS in the field 2020-05-25
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