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TO: 5GmmW20404 OTA Radiated Performance Testing for 5G mmW User Equipment get it Over-the-Air Radiated Performance Testing for 5G mm-Wave (FR2) User Equipment 2020-04-14
TO: CAG-20-193r3_LS OUT to RAN4 RAN5 on ULMIMO Power Class[1] get it LS on requirement in Power Class 2 for UL MIMO Test cases 2020-04-28
TO: IoTOTA08_003 LS on publication of TS.51v1.0 get it LS on publication of TS.51 V1.0 2020-03-24
CC: OTA200307_R4 Reply LS Concerning Antenna Performance Assessments get it Reply LS from CTIA CCLLC OTA WG to the GCF SG Concerning Antenna Performance Assessments 2020-05-13
TO: R1-2002931 get it Reply LS on T_delta in IAB 2020-04-27
TO: R1-2002960 get it Reply LS on UE Tx switching period delay and DL interruption 2020-04-29
TO: R1-2002961 get it LS response on secondary DRX group 2020-04-29
CC: R1-2002966 get it LS on subcarrier spacing for CLI-RSSI measurement 2020-05-07
TO: R1-2002967 get it Reply LS on applicable timing for pathloss RS activated/updated by MAC-CE 2020-05-07
TO: R1-2002992 get it LS on removing the word “candidate” in Subclause 8.1.1 of TS 38.133 v16.3.0 2020-05-07
TO: R1-2003044 get it LS on Signaling of Q Parameter for NR-U 2020-05-07
TO: R1-2003058 get it LS on Simultaneous reception of DL signals in intra-frequency DAPS HO 2020-05-07
TO: R1-2003069 get it LS on criterion of pathloss measurement failure for power control of SRS for positioning 2020-05-11
CC: R1-2003070 get it LS on updated Rel-16 RAN1 UE features lists for LTE 2020-05-11
TO: R1-2003072 get it LS on Rel-16 RAN1 UE features lists for NR 2020-05-11
TO: R2-2003877 get it LS on positioning SRS during DRX inactive time 2020-05-15
TO: R2-2003883 get it LS on NeedForGap capability 2020-05-18
TO: R2-2003973 get it Reply LS on UL LBT failure recovery for the target cell 2020-04-29
TO: R2-2004054 get it LS on UE specific DRX in NB-IoT 2020-04-24
TO: R2-2004267 get it Reply LS on Handling of Fallbacks for combined contiguous and non-contiguous CA or DC configurations in FR2 2020-05-07
TO: R2-2004268 get it Reply LS on asymmetric channel bandwidths 2020-05-07
CC: SE(20)084A17 get it LS to WGFM and ECC PT1 on measurement methodologies for 5G AAS in the field 2020-05-25
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