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CC: C1-225450 get it Reply LS on the maximum PTW length of IDLE eDRX 2022-08-31
CC: C4-224417 get it LS on Multicast MBS session Deactivation and Reactivation 2022-09-05
TO: R1-2208221 get it Reply LS on RB set configuration for IAB 2022-08-29
CC: R2-2208779 get it LS on LCS framework for Network verified UE location (NTN) 2022-09-13
CC: R2-2208885 get it Reply LS on the MBS broadcast service continuity and MBS session identification 2022-08-26
CC: R2-2208890 get it LS on the progress of NCR identification and authorization 2022-09-13
CC: R2-2208913 get it Reply LS on RAN feedback for low latency 2022-08-26
TO: R2-2208915 get it Reply LS on transferring SDT configuration and SRS positioning Inactive configuration from DU to CU 2022-08-26
TO: R2-2209024 get it LS on SN RACH report status in R17 2022-09-13
TO: R2-2209235 get it Reply LS on CCA configurations of neighbour cells 2022-09-13
TO: R2-2209243 get it Reply LS on FS_REDCAP_Ph2 option feasibility 2022-09-13
TO: R2-2209257 get it LS on L1/L2-based inter-cell mobility 2022-09-13
TO: R4-2214493 get it Reply LS on the UE/TRP TEG framework 2022-08-29
TO: RP-222678 get it Reply LS on the scope of resource efficiency for MBS reception in RAN sharing scenario 2022-09-19
TO: S2-2207070 get it LS on FS_VMR solutions review 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207129 get it LS on Terminology Alignment for Ranging/Sidelink Positioning 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207389 get it Response LS on further outstanding issues in TS 23.247 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207435 get it LS Out on RAN dependency of FS_eNS_Ph3 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207470 get it LS on FS_5MBS_Ph2 progress 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207518 get it LS on ProSe Authorization information related to UE-to-UE Relay operation to NG-RAN 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207693 get it LS on Inter-system handover to Home eNB 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207698 get it LS Out on LS on slice list and priority information for cell reselection and Random Access 2022-08-30
CC: S2-2207839 get it Reply to LS on UE capability signalling for IoT-NTN 2022-08-30
TO: S3-222435 get it Reply LS on UEs LTE UPIP capability for EN-DC 2022-08-31
CC: S4-221121 get it Reply LS to SA5 on TS 28.404/TS 28.405 Clarification 2022-08-30
TO: S4-221129 get it Reply LS on questions on RAN visible QoE 2022-08-30
TO: S5-225321 get it Reply LS on User Consent Updating 2022-08-29
Number of incoming LS documents: 27

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