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CC: C4-232397 get it Reply LS on Network Triggered Service Request for a UE in Suspend State 2023-05-30
TO: C4-232623 get it Reply LS on the maximum length of Routing ID 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306157 get it LS reply on the RAT-dependent positioning integrity 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306212 get it Reply LS on 1-symbol PRS 2023-05-30
CC: R1-2306246 get it Reply LS on Cell DTX/DRX activation/deactivation 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306259 get it LS on beam application time, contents of cell switch command, TCI state activation and UE based TA measurement for LTM 2023-05-30
TO: R1-2306270 get it LS on Rel-18 higher-layers parameter list 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306569 get it LS on area scope for QoE measurements 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306781 get it LS to RAN3 on mode 1 scheduling in inter-DU multi-path case 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306817 get it LS on UE RACH-less handover for mobile IAB 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306841 get it LS on LPHAP 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306848 get it Reply LS on RACH enhancement 2023-06-02
CC: R2-2306889 get it Reply LS on ProSe Authorization information related to UE-to-UE Relay operation 2023-06-02
CC: R2-2306895 get it LS on CAG solution for mobile IAB 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306896 get it Reply LS on SHR and SPR 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306897 get it LS on Early TA and RACH-less 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306898 get it LS on L1 measurements for LTM 2023-06-02
TO: R2-2306922 get it LS on common signalling in (C)HO 2023-06-06
TO: R4-2310166 get it LS on reporting granularity for timing related positioning measurements 2023-06-01
CC: S1-231285 get it Response to Reply LS on Proposed method for Time Synchronization status reporting to UE(s) 2023-06-01
CC: S1-231805 get it Reply LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-06-01
CC: S2-2307707 get it Reply LS to SA2 on authorization for multi-path Scenario 2 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2307730 get it LS reply to RAN3 progress on Rel-18 RedCap enhancements to address remaining ENs in TS 23.502 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2307974 get it Reply LS on the use of PEI during an emergency PDU session 2023-05-30
CC: S2-2307982 get it Reply to LS on addressing packet loss during multicast MBS delivery 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2307984 get it Reply LS on the enhancements to restricting paging in a limited area 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2308158 get it LS On IAB-node De-authorization handling 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2308197 get it LS reply on TSCAI for XR 2023-05-30
CC: S2-2308199 get it Reply LS on the N6 PDU Set Identification 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2308200 get it Reply LS on RAN information exposure for XRM 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2308248 get it LS Reply on Design of RTP Header Extension for PDU Set handling 2023-05-30
TO: S2-2308252 get it Non-homogeneous deployment of PDU Set based handling 2023-05-30
CC: S3-233355 get it Reply LS on SCTP-AUTH and DTLS 2023-06-01
CC: S4-231111 get it LS on 3GPP work on Energy Efficiency 2023-06-01
TO: S5-234839 get it Reply LS on introduction of a new attribute “Only Resource Coordination” to support source coordination between LTE and NR SA 2023-06-01
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