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TO: C1-225249 get it Reply LS on AS-NAS layer interactions for MBS 2022-08-31
CC: C1-225319 get it LS on starting a timer in RRC-inactive state 2022-08-31
TO: C1-225338 get it LS on SENSE feature 2022-08-31
TO: C1-225386 get it Reply LS on system information extensions for minimization of service interruption (MINT) 2022-08-31
TO: C1-225450 get it Reply LS on the maximum PTW length of IDLE eDRX 2022-08-31
TO: C1-225453 get it LS on setting RRC establishment cause value when relay UE has its own service 2022-08-31
TO: R1-2207926 get it LS on updated Rel-17 RAN1 UE features lists for LTE after RAN1#110 Thursday 2022-08-26
TO: R1-2207935 get it Reply LS on clarification of RACH prioritisation rules between LTE and NR-U 2022-08-26
TO: R1-2208090 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on RRC parameters for IUC Scheme 1 and default CBR configuration 2022-08-26
TO: R1-2208097 get it Reply LS on power-saving resource allocation with absent sl-AllowedResourceSelectionConfig 2022-08-26
TO: R1-2208107 get it Reply LS on common search space for small data transmission 2022-08-26
TO: R1-2208168 get it LS on BWP operation without restriction 2022-08-29
TO: R1-2208194 get it LS to RAN2 on two overlapping LTE-CRS patterns in Rel-18 DSS 2022-08-29
TO: R1-2208203 get it LS on TCI state indication of CORESET#0 associated with SS#0 2022-08-29
TO: R1-2208210 get it LS on PDCCH skipping 2022-08-29
TO: R1-2208224 get it Reply LS on LS on further questions on feMIMO RRC parameters 2022-08-26
TO: R1-2208231 get it LS on condition to apply channel access procedure 2022-08-29
TO: R1-2208250 get it Reply LS on eMIMO features defined in different granularity with prerequisite 2022-08-29
TO: R1-2208258 get it Reply LS on the CSI periodic reporting for Dormant SCell state 2022-08-29
CC: R3-224079 get it LS on M6 Delay Threshold 2022-05-23
CC: R3-225119 get it Reply LS on FS_REDCAP_Ph2 option feasibility 2022-08-26
CC: R3-225203 get it LS on skeleton of TR 38.864 for NR network energy savings 2022-08-26
CC: R3-225227 get it LS to SA4 on Rel-18 enhancement of NR QoE 2022-08-26
TO: R3-225238 get it LS on the scope for the support of SON/MDT enhancements 2022-08-26
TO: R3-225241 get it LS on NR-U support for MRO 2022-08-26
TO: R3-225248 get it Reply LS on Flexible Global RAN Node ID 2022-08-26
CC: R3-225250 get it Reply LS on the user consent for trace reporting 2022-08-26
CC: R3-225253 get it LS on NCR Solutions 2022-08-26
CC: R3-225254 get it Progress on NCR identification and authorization 2022-08-26
TO: R3-225256 get it LS to RAN2 on RAN3 agreement of QoE reporting in NR-DC 2022-08-26
TO: R3-225268 get it LS on SRS-PosRRC-InactiveConfig configuration signalling 2022-08-26
TO: R4-2210603 get it LS on Tx TEG framework 2022-05-23
TO: R4-2214355 get it LS on Feature Group 6-1a “bwp-WithoutRestriction” 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214419 get it LS on intra-band UL CA DC default location clarification 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214421 get it LS on Pemax,c of S-SSB transmission when multiple resource pool is configured in a carrier 2022-08-29
CC: R4-2214464 get it Reply LS on UL Tx switching across 3 or 4 bands 2022-08-24
TO: R4-2214472 get it LS to RAN2 on Network indication for applying enhanced cell reselection requirements 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214475 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on RLM/BFD relaxation 2022-08-29
CC: R4-2214477 get it LS reply on TCI assumption for RSSI measurement for FR2-2 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214484 get it Reply LS on configuring margin for 1 Rx RedCap UEs 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214487 get it Reply LS on RRM relaxation for Redcap 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214493 get it Reply LS on the UE/TRP TEG framework 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214924 get it Reply LS on clarification of dualPA-Architecture capability 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214953 get it LS on extending the maximum range for NS values 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214972 get it LS on active TCI state list for UL TCI 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2215132 get it LS on priority for legacy gaps 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2215160 get it LS on new contiguous BW classes for legacy networks 2022-08-29
TO: S2-2207029 get it Reply LS on NAS busy indication in RRC_INACTIVE 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207033 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on Tx profile 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207070 get it LS on FS_VMR solutions review 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207129 get it LS on Terminology Alignment for Ranging/Sidelink Positioning 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207389 get it Response LS on further outstanding issues in TS 23.247 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207409 get it LS on AS-NAS layer interactions for MBS 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207420 get it Reply LS on the deactivation of access stratum due to discontinuous coverage 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207435 get it LS Out on RAN dependency of FS_eNS_Ph3 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207470 get it LS on FS_5MBS_Ph2 progress 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207518 get it LS on ProSe Authorization information related to UE-to-UE Relay operation to NG-RAN 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207698 get it LS Out on LS on slice list and priority information for cell reselection and Random Access 2022-08-30
TO: S2-2207839 get it Reply to LS on UE capability signalling for IoT-NTN 2022-08-30
CC: S2-2207888 get it LS on response to LS on parameters preconfigured in the UE to receive MBS service 2022-08-30
CC: S4-221121 get it Reply LS to SA5 on TS 28.404/TS 28.405 Clarification 2022-08-30
TO: S4-221129 get it Reply LS on questions on RAN visible QoE 2022-08-30
TO: S5-223524 get it LS on Reply LS on beam measurement reports 2022-05-31
Number of incoming LS documents: 63

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