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TO: R1-2403536 get it Reply LS on positioning MAC agreements 2024-04-24
CC: R1-2403539 get it Reply LS on SRS BW aggregation impact on other channels/signals 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403573 get it Reply to LS on IUC or DRX in co-channel co-existence 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403577 get it LS on UEs reporting SL PRS CBR measurement to gNB 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403578 get it LS on CPE starting position for S-SSB in SL-U 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403588 get it LS on updating RAN1 agreement about minimum time gap Z 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403619 get it Reply LS on Parallel Tx Capability 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403622 get it Reply LS on decisions on SLPP 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403636 get it Reply LS on questions on RAN1 parameter list 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403646 get it Reply LS on 2-step RACH for eRedCap 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403650 get it LS to RAN2 on CBSR for Rel-19 MIMO 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403683 get it LS on the identification of the power control parameters after LTM cell switch 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403705 get it LS on Rel-18 RAN1 UE features list for NR after RAN1#116bis 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403728 get it LS on PRS resource ID for bandwidth aggregation 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403732 get it LS on the dci-FormatsSL and DCI format 3_2 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403750 get it Reply LS on RRC network assistant signalling for advanced receiver on MU-MIMO scenario 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403760 get it LS on the capability mux-HARQ-ACK-withoutPUCCH-onPUSCH-r16 2024-04-24
TO: R1-2403779 get it LS on the conditions for triggering UL WUS transmission to request on-demand SIB1 2024-04-24
TO: R3-242195 get it LS on support of MRO for MR-DC SCG failure 2024-04-24
TO: R3-242198 get it Reply LS on SDT signalling optimization for partial context transfer 2024-04-24
TO: R4-2406386 get it LS on SL positioning measurements 2024-04-25
TO: R4-2406444 get it Reply LS on n-TimingAdvanceOffset for PDCCH order RACH 2024-04-25
TO: R4-2406496 get it LS on UE capability for NW verified location 2024-04-25
TO: R4-2406500 get it Reply LS on BWP operation without bandwidth restriction 2024-04-25
TO: R4-2406579 get it LS on 3Tx SAR solution for inter-band CA with PC1.5 2024-04-25
TO: R4-2406679 get it LS on RAN4 UE feature list for Rel-18 (version 4) 2024-04-25
TO: R4-2406717 get it LS on UE Capability for Asymmetric BW for less than 5 MHz 2024-04-25
CC: R4-2406718 get it LS on 3T6R and 4T6R antenna switching SRS 2024-04-25
CC: S2-2405210 get it LS on 5GS missing CBC support for shared networks 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405379 get it Reply LS on L2ID and user info for L2 based U2U 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405421 get it Reply LS on Rel-18 RedCap enhancements to address remaining ENs in TS 23.502 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405531 get it Reply LS on U2U relay selection 2024-04-25
CC: S2-2405600 get it LS on Support of Regenerative-based Satellite Access 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405604 get it LS on Application-Layer FEC Awareness at RAN 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405625 get it LS on FS_XRM Ph2 2024-04-25
CC: S2-2405797 get it LS reply on LCS user plane connection binding to the UE 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405813 get it LS on Support of UE move between CAG cell of 5G Femto and CSG cell 2024-04-25
CC: S2-2405822 get it LS on FS_VMR_Ph2 solution impacts to RAN 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405833 get it LS on data collection to enable ML model training and inference in 5GC for Direct AI/ML based positioning 2024-04-25
TO: S3-241567 get it LS to SA2 and RAN2 on selected satellite architecture for Store and Forward 2024-04-25
TO: S5-241925 get it Reply LS on area scope handling for QoE measurements 2024-04-30
CC: S5-242198 get it LS reply on OAM requirements for UE location verification 2024-04-30
CC: S5-242221 get it Reply LS on the user consent for trace reporting 2024-04-30
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