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CC: R2-2313618 get it Reply LS on frequencyInfo for NR SL RSRP measurements 2023-11-27
TO: R2-2313621 get it LS on Sidelink CSI Reporting MAC-CE for SL-CA 2023-11-15
TO: R2-2313656 get it LS on Rel-18 RAN2 TP for TR 37.985 2023-11-27
TO: R2-2313696 get it RAN2 input to TR 38.843 2023-11-30
CC: R2-2313796 get it LS on introduction of RAT-Dependent integrity 2023-11-27
TO: R2-2313879 get it LS to RAN1 on RAN2 addition to NTN Self Evaluation 2023-11-27
CC: R2-2313951 get it Reply LS to RAN4 on BWP operation without restriction 2023-11-27
TO: R2-2313959 get it LS on UL Tx switching 2023-11-27
CC: R3-237745 get it Reply to LS on AI/ML Core Network enhancements 2023-11-21
CC: R3-237860 get it LS on LMF involvement in SL-PRS resource allocation 2023-11-21
CC: R3-238056 get it LS on OAM requirements for UE location verification 2023-11-21
CC: R4-2321388 get it Reply LS on L1 measurements for LTM 2023-11-27
CC: R4-2321389 get it LS on n-TimingAdvanceOffset for PDCCH order RACH 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321464 get it Reply LS on TA validation for LPHAP 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321535 get it LS on SL-U RSSI measurement 2023-11-27
CC: R4-2321545 get it Response to reply LS on SRS and PRS bandwidth aggregation for positioning 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321599 get it Reply LS on measurement definitions for positioning with bandwidth aggregation 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321609 get it LS on Layer-1/2/3 ATG UE features and koffset mechanism 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321728 get it Reply LS on coherence between PUSCH and 8-ports SRS with partial dropping 2023-11-27
CC: R4-2321730 get it LS on RAN4 UE feature list for Rel-18 2023-11-16
TO: R4-2321741 get it Reply LS on guard period for SRS and PRS bandwidth aggregation for positioning 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321767 get it Reply LS on PSFCH power control 2023-11-27
CC: R4-2321823 get it LS on RAN4 UE feature list for Rel-18 (version 2) 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321960 get it LS on UE capabilities for MPR reduction 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321975 get it LS on NTN VSAT capability 2023-11-27
TO: R4-2321976 get it LS on UE capability to support DMRS bundling for GSO and NGSO 2023-11-27
CC: R4-2321986 get it LS on Rel-18 Tx switching enhancement 2023-11-27
CC: R4-2321998 get it LS reply on further clarifications on enhancements to realize increasing UE power high limit for CA and DC 2023-11-27
TO: S5-238107 get it LS on the progress update of AI/ML Management specifications in SA5 2023-11-21
Number of incoming LS documents: 29

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