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CC: R2-2208779 get it LS on LCS framework for Network verified UE location (NTN) 2022-09-13
TO: R2-2208810 get it LS on support of positioning in FR2-2 2022-08-26
TO: R2-2208811 get it LS on SR config for MG (de-)activation request MAC CE 2022-08-26
TO: R2-2208890 get it LS on the progress of NCR identification and authorization 2022-09-13
CC: R2-2208913 get it Reply LS on RAN feedback for low latency 2022-08-26
TO: R2-2209111 get it LS on switching option capability for UL 2Tx-2Tx switching 2022-09-12
TO: R2-2209207 get it LS on resource pool index in DCI Format 3_0 2022-09-13
TO: R2-2209208 get it LS to RAN1 on TP to TR 37.985 2022-09-13
CC: R2-2209213 get it LS on Pose Information for XR 2022-09-13
CC: R2-2209215 get it LS on XR-awareness in RAN 2022-09-13
CC: R2-2209235 get it Reply LS on CCA configurations of neighbour cells 2022-09-13
CC: R2-2209241 get it LS to RAN4 on capability for PRS measurement without MG 2022-09-13
TO: R2-2209257 get it LS on L1/L2-based inter-cell mobility 2022-09-13
TO: R4-2214354 get it Reply LS on MTTD for multi-DCI multi-TRP with two TAs 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214355 get it LS on Feature Group 6-1a “bwp-WithoutRestriction” 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214376 get it Reply LS on interference modelling for duplex evolution 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214421 get it LS on Pemax,c of S-SSB transmission when multiple resource pool is configured in a carrier 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214477 get it LS reply on TCI assumption for RSSI measurement for FR2-2 2022-08-29
CC: R4-2214488 get it Reply LS on introduction of an offset to transmit CD-SSB and NCD-SSB at different times 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214489 get it Reply LS on DL-PRS measurements with reduced samples capability 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214493 get it Reply LS on the UE/TRP TEG framework 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214890 get it Reply LS for the minimum guard period between two SRS resources for antenna switching 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214968 get it LS Reply on UE antenna gain for NR NTN coverage enhancement 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214972 get it LS on active TCI state list for UL TCI 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2215029 get it Reply LS on SSB measurement for L1-RSRP on inter-cell beam management 2022-08-29
CC: R4-2215144 get it LS on Rel-17 RAN4 UE feature list for NR 2022-08-29
TO: S2-2207129 get it LS on Terminology Alignment for Ranging/Sidelink Positioning 2022-08-30
CC: S2-2207470 get it LS on FS_5MBS_Ph2 progress 2022-08-30
Number of incoming LS documents: 28

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