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TO: 5GAA_S-200078_LS_to_3GPP_on_NR-sidelink get it LS on the 3GPP work on the NR sidelink 2020-04-27
TO: mf2020.023.06 rev1_Signed get it LS on Extending current NR operation to 71 GHz 2020-05-20
TO: R1-2002848 get it LS on HARQ parameters for Mode 1 2020-05-07
CC: R2-2003877 get it LS on positioning SRS during DRX inactive time 2020-05-15
TO: R2-2003971 get it Reply LS on consistent Uplink LBT failure detection mechanism 2020-04-29
TO: R2-2003973 get it Reply LS on UL LBT failure recovery for the target cell 2020-04-29
TO: R2-2004082 get it LS on Cast type indication and MAC agreements 2020-05-07
TO: R2-2004084 get it LS to RAN1 to check the view on sidelink 2020-05-07
TO: R2-2004086 get it LS on RLF Agreements 2020-05-07
TO: R2-2004087 get it LS on UE capability 2020-05-07
TO: R2-2004121 get it LS on Intra-UE Prioritization 2020-04-29
TO: R2-2004188 get it LS to RAN1 on agreements related to 2-step RACH 2020-04-29
TO: R2-2004196 get it LS reply on uplink power control for NR-NR Dual-Connectivity 2020-05-07
TO: R2-2004271 get it LS on Conflicting configurations 2020-05-18
TO: R3-202557 get it Reply LS on TDD pattern exchange for NR-DC power control 2020-05-05
TO: R3-202646 get it LS on support for UL NR E-CID 2020-05-05
TO: R3-202859 get it LS on cell-specific signals/channel configurations 2020-05-12
CC: R4-2005192 get it LS on Rel-16 RAN4 UE features lists for LTE and NR 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005296 get it Reply LS on secondary DRX group for FR1+FR2 CA 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005297 get it Reply LS on CLI measurement and reporting 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005350 get it LS on inter-frequency measurement requirement without MG 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005365 get it LS on UE declaring beam failure due to LBT failures during active TCI switching 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005373 get it LS on timing reference cell adjustment under NR-U 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005377 get it LS on transmit power of CSI-RS across different occasions 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005418 get it LS on NR-U SSB monitoring capabilities 2020-05-11
CC: R4-2005424 get it LS on SCell dormancy requirement scope 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005608 get it LS on RAN4 IAB-MT feature list agreement 2020-05-11
CC: R4-2005665 get it LS on UE capability on DL interruption for UL Tx switching 2020-05-11
CC: R4-2005841 get it LS on NR Positioning gNB measurement report range and granularity 2020-05-11
CC: R4-2005845 get it LS on report mapping for UE positioning measurement 2020-05-11
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