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TO: R2-2401643 get it Reply LS on SL-PRS resource allocation 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401644 get it Questions on RAN1 parameter list 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401661 get it Reply LS on UE Capability of Multicast Reception in RRC_INACTIVE 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401722 get it Reply LS on skipping UL transmission and R17 TBoMS 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401741 get it LS on Paralle Tx Capability 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401796 get it LS on IUC or DRX in co-channel co-existence 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401814 get it Reply LS on MAC CE to activate/deactivate semi-persistent PUCCH report for LTM 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401885 get it Reply LS on inter-frequency neighbour cells supporting NR dedicated spectrum less than 5 MHz for FR1 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401890 get it LS on 2-step for eRedCap 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401912 get it LS on positioning MAC agreements 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401919 get it LS to RAN1 on decisions on SLPP 2024-03-13
CC: R2-2401958 get it Reply LS on n-TimingAdvanceOffset for PDCCH order RACH 2024-03-13
CC: R2-2401969 get it Reply LS on Rel-18 UL Tx switching for parallel switching on four bands 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2402045 get it LS on NCD-SSB time offset for non-(e)RedCap UEs in TDD 2024-03-14
CC: R3-241183 get it Reply LS on the progress update of AI/ML Management specifications in SA5 2024-03-04
TO: R4-2403086 get it Reply LS on RRC network assistant signalling for advanced receiver on MU-MIMO scenario 2024-03-07
CC: R4-2403363 get it Updates on measurement report mapping for Positioning Enhancements WI 2024-03-07
TO: R4-2403386 get it LS on timing assumption between source and target cells for R18 LTM cell switch 2024-03-07
TO: R4-2403489 get it LS on SRS BW aggregation impact on other channels/signals 2024-03-07
CC: R4-2403493 get it Reply LS on RAN2 agreements for satellite switch with resync 2024-03-07
TO: R4-2403494 get it Further LS reply on the system parameters for NTN above 10 GHz 2024-03-07
TO: R4-2403632 get it LS reply on Relative Phase/Power Error Requirements within Port Groups for 8TX UE 2024-03-07
CC: R4-2403636 get it LS on RAN4 UE feature list for Rel-18 (version 3) 2024-03-07
TO: R4-2403654 get it LS on SRS and PRS bandwidth aggregation feature for positioning 2024-03-07
TO: R4-2403852 get it Reply to LS on inter-frequency neighbour cells supporting NR dedicated spectrum less than 5 MHz for FR1 2024-03-07
CC: RP-240810 get it Reply LS RP-240031 on clarification on requirements for NTZ.  2024-03-21
CC: RP-240825 get it Reply LS RP-240029 on per UE energy consumption in RAN  2024-03-21
CC: S2-2403444 get it LS Reply to SA5 on LS on new definitions of energy efficiency and energy consumption 2024-03-04
TO: S2-2403733 get it LS on per UE energy consumption in RAN 2024-03-04
CC: S2-2403859 get it Clarification on the requirements for NTZ 2024-03-04
Number of incoming LS documents: 30

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