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TO: R1-2002848 get it LS on HARQ parameters for Mode 1 2020-05-07
CC: R1-2004959 get it LS on the UE DL PRS processing 2020-06-08
TO: R2- 2006362 get it LS on NR SRS carrier switching 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2005811 get it LS on Detail MIMO MAC CE operations 2020-06-29
CC: R2-2005851 get it LS reply to RAN4 on UE declaring beam failure due to LBT failures during active TCI switching 2020-06-02
TO: R2-2005865 get it LS to RAN1 on signalling SFN bits for random access response 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2005946 get it LS reply on PUR transmission for NB-IoT/eMTC 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2005977 get it LS to RAN1 on physical layer related agreements 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006085 get it Reply LS on updated Rel-16 LTE and NR parameter lists 2020-06-08
TO: R2-2006179 get it LS on capability bits for E-CID measurements 2020-06-29
CC: R2-2006264 get it Reply LS on inter-frequency measurement without gap 2020-06-29
CC: R2-2006318 get it Reply LS on SCell dormancy requirement scope 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006322 get it LS on UE capability xDD differentiation for SUL/SDL bands 2020-06-29
TO: R2-200636 get it LS on NR SRS carrier switching 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006375 get it Reply LS on DCP 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006377 get it LS on power sharing for LTE Mobility Enhancements 2020-06-29
TO: R2-2006448 get it Reply LS on XDD-FRX Differentiation 2020-06-29
TO: R3-204327 get it LS Reply on UL RTOA reference time (R3-203103/R1- 2003054) 2020-06-17
CC: R3-204379 get it Reply LS on Aperiodic SRS 2020-06-17
TO: R3-204399 get it Response LS on Exchange of information related to SRS-RSRP measurement resource configuration for UE-CLI 2020-06-25
TO: R4-2007745 get it LS on inter-frequency measurement requirement without MG 2020-06-08
TO: R4-2008576 get it Clarification of UE behavior after receiving the MAC CE deactivation command for semi-persistent CSI reporting in NR-U 2020-06-08
CC: R4-2009051 get it Reply LS on IAB-MT Features 2020-06-08
TO: R4-2009111 get it LS on intra/inter-frequency measurement for NR positioning 2020-06-08
TO: R4-2009150 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on UL-SL Prioritization 2020-06-08
TO: R4-2009171 get it LS on feasibility of ULFPTx modes and transparent TxD for certain UE implementations 2020-06-08
CC: R4-2009173 get it LS on Rel-16 RAN4 UE features lists for LTE and NR 2020-06-08
TO: R4-2009245 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on dormant BWP 2020-06-08
TO: R4-2009246 get it LS on measurement gaps for NR positioning 2020-06-08
TO: R4-2009247 get it Response LS on criterion of pathloss measurement failure for power control of SRS for positioning 2020-06-08
CC: R4-2009260 get it LS on CSI-RS based intra-frequency and inter-frequency measurement definition 2020-06-08
CC: R4-2009267 get it LS on impact of NTA offset on UE Rx-Tx time difference measurement 2020-06-08
TO: SAE AA TC LS to 3GPP RAN v07a get it LS on Sidelink Positioning for advanced V2X applications 2020-06-03
TO: WI042_2020_06_29_5G_ACIA_LS_WI042_to_3GPP-RAN1 get it LS on 3GPP NR Rel-16 URLLC and IIoT performance evaluation 2020-06-29
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