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CC: C1-242675 get it LS on the stage 2 aspects of MINT_Ph2 2024-04-24
CC: C4-241522 get it Reply LS on the Modified PRINS solution 2024-04-24
TO: C4-241526 get it LS on Registering JWT claims at IANA 2024-04-24
CC: MEC(24)000158r2 get it ETSI ISG MEC publication of MEC Phase 3 specifications related to MEC federation 2024-04-17
CC: OGWTS_03_Doc04 get it Reply LS on collaboration and alignment of 3GPP defined application enablers with GSMA Open Gateway 2024-05-16
TO: sp17-jca-imt2020-oLS-00015 get it LS on Invitation to update the information in the IMT-2020 and beyond roadmap 2024-04-10
CC: SP-240503 get it LS on the Modified PRINS solution 2024-04-05
CC: TCCE(24)000026r2 get it LS on development of Server Side Conformance for Mission Critical Services by ETSI TTF: 2024-04-11
Number of incoming LS documents: 8

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