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TSG-SA is the 3GPP group responsible for Services & System Aspects. It has technical responsibility for:

  • 3GPP Services (Requirements)
  • 3GPP Architecture
  • 3GPP Security
  • 3GPP Codecs
  • 3GPP Operations & Mangement (including Charging)

In addition to these technical responsibilities. TSG-SA has responsibilities related to the overall coordination of 3GPP. These responsibilities include:

  • Management of the 3GPP workplan
  • Release planning
  • Inter-TSG coordination
  • Responsibility for working methods, spec lists, etc.

3GPP does not have the concept of an all-encompassing technical body, however TSG-SA fulfils some of these aspects. While it does not have authority over the other TSGs, the other TSGs report their status into TSG-SA and issues which span TSGs are usually resoved within TSG-SA. Many companies attend TSG-SA to get an overall view of the 3GPP work program. Also TSG-SA is responsible for system wide aspects such as requirements, architecture, and security that cover 3GPP as a whole.

TSG-SA meets 4 times a year. It meets in the second week of the TSG cycle (week 4 if GERAN is included). Meeting typically last 3.5 days and are attended by around 150 delegates.


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