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3GPP meetings are voluntarily hosted by companies and organizations that wish to facilitate the work of 3GPP. While hosts receive no preferential treatment by 3GPP they are doing their part to progress of the work of 3GPP. The burden of hosting is expected to be shared fairly by all 3GPP members.

Hosting Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the host include:

Optional responsibilities include:

The meeting invitation should be provided as far in advance as possible.

Hosting Venues

3GPP meetings are for working, however this does not preclude having the meeting in pleasant surroundings. If the host is not providing meals, then it is encouraged to have the meetings in locations within easy walking distance of several restaurants. This allows the delegates to have shorter lunch breaks.

The meeting venue is expected to be in a safe location.

Venues are expected to reflect the geographic distribution of the delegates themselves. Meetings outside of the primary geographic areas of the organizational partners are discouraged (e.g., South of the Equator). Meeting locations should be reachable within 3 hops.

3GPP "Friends" Organizations

Meetings are often hosted by "friends" organizations. These are groups of companies that agree to share the costs of meeting hosting. Some Friends organizations subcontract the meeting arrangements, others arrange them in-house. The current friends organizations are:

  • European Friends of 3GPP (EF3)
  • North American Friends (NAF)
  • Japanese Friends of 3GPP (JF3)

The advantage of friends organizations is that since the organizations host many meetings they quickly become experienced in how to efficiently and economically host 3GPP meetings.


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