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Webinar: 3GPP 5G Core Network Status

Nov 22, 2017

Georg Mayer, 3GPP CT Chairman


Looking at the next generation core network - fit for 5G.

Topics covered included:

- The 5G timeline
- 5G, an enabler platform for different Services
- The Software & Service Centric Transformation
- Transformation of the Core Network
- Network Slicing
- The Service Based Architecutre


Webinar: 3GPP Broadband applied to Critical Communications

Nov 14, 2017

Erik Guttman, 3GPP SA Chairman


How we get the work done in 3GPP, covering the major Releases and their features and looking at the prospects for

This presentation establishes a bench mark for how 3GPP specifications may be applied to a variety of industries.

Webinar: 5G RAN status report - After RAN#77

Sep 25, 2017

Balazs Bertenyi, 3GPP RAN Chairman




See & hear how the early drop of NR specifications is shaping up.

ran webinar image


Paper titles from 5G Americas:

5G Americas regularly publishes white papers, giving detailed information on the state of play for 3GPP systems uptake in the Americas.

An impressive resource of papers, statistics and presentations is on-line at 

5GA 5g services



5G Network Architecture and Design

Andy Sutton,
Principal Network Architect

January 2017

iet tv sutton

This detailed presentation, filmed just before the March agreement for an intermediate milestone for the Non-standalone (NSA) 5G NR mode (for eMBB), gives a network operator perspective - introducing the 3GPP 5G architecture now being specified in Release 15.

It was recorded at the Towards 5G Mobile Technology – Vision to Reality event by the IET.




Significant Past Papers:


5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective

November 2015



"5G Vision"

The European Commission and the 5G Infrastructure Association

March 2015



4G Americas

Recommendations on 5G Requirements and Solutions

October 2014

4ga 5g


A recent GSMA paper looks at how - even before 5G is standardised and available for deployment - Operators can start to build relationships with vertical industries by evolving their existing 4G networks using 3GPP-based technologies.

Download: "Unlocking Commercial Opportunities From 4G Evolution to 5G"

February 2016

 gsma paper 4g

NGMN Alliance

5G White Paper


March 2015

 ngmn paper


Understanding 5G:Perspectives on future technological advancements in mobile

December 2014

gsma 5g WP

IMT-2020 PG


The Chinese IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group's White Paper on "5G Vision and Requirements"

May 2014



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