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5G Americas whitepaper LTE to 5G: Cellular and Broadband Innovation


This report captures the scope of the most important wireless developments in 2017, such as:

  • 5G research and development acceleration
  • 5G New Radio (NR) being defined
  • LTE as the global cellular standard
  • LTE-Advanced providing dramatic advantages
  • Internet of Things poised for massive adoption with new Cellular IoT capabilities in 3GPP Release 13
  • Unlicensed spectrum becoming more tightly integrated with cellular
  • Importance of low, mid and high band spectrum for 5G
  • New spectrum models that include licensed, shared and unlicensed spectrum
  • Progress of small cells
  • Emergence of Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • 3GPP timeline for 5G and LTE standards development


5g wp aug 2017

5G Network Architecture and Design

Andy Sutton,
Principal Network Architect

January 2017

This detailed presentation, filmed just before the March agreement for an intermediate milestone for the Non-standalone (NSA) 5G NR mode (for eMBB), gives a network operator perspective - introducing the 3GPP 5G architecture now being specified in Release 15.

It was recorded at the Towards 5G Mobile Technology – Vision to Reality event by the IET.



 iet tv sutton
5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective (Issue 2)

New ATIS White Paper Advances 5G's Augmented and Virtual Reality Capabilities atis 5g WP
5G Americas - Wireless Technology Evolution Towards 5G: 3GPP Release 13 to Release 15 and Beyond

"3GPP’s strong history of standardizing the technologies that drive the largest mobile wireless ecosystems from GSM to LTE and now to 5G creates the backbone for this whitepaper by 5G Americas."

     5GA-5G paper   
Mobile critical communications Standards

This is a presentation given at the Critical Communications Europe (CCE) conference, held in Copenhagen - February 7 - 9, 2017.

CCE pres
3GPP Standards for the Internet-of-Things

November 2016

Philippe Reininger,
RAN 3 Chairman

This presentation on eMTC, NB-IOT and EC-GSM-IoT includes an overview of the features, a summary of the performance of each and gives details about new features in Rel-14.

2017 iot philippe

Building Security in to 5G 

December 2016

Anand R. Prasad, 3GPP SA3 Chairman

This isn't really a presentation, but a short interview with Anand Prasad, on the latest status of security features, as 3GPP SA3 work moves towards 5G.

The video introduces TR 33.899 - Study on the security aspects of the next generation system, with its 17 identified areas of concern.

 prasad image
3GPP’s flexible 5G system architecture SA presentation from the "Second Global 5G Event: Enabling the 5G EcoSphere”  architecture 300px

LTE evolution and 5G

RAN presentation from the "Second Global 5G Event: Enabling the 5G EcoSphere”

dino 5g 300px

Managing the HetNet

By: Satoshi Nagata,  

TSG-RAN WG1 Chairman

This presentation discusses the main features being defined for
the evolution of LTE, and the initial plans for 5G.

Including slides on:

  • LTE evolution - Key RAN Features in Release 10 to 14
  • 5G and 3GPP 's submission to IMT-2020
  • Release-15 workplan and targets

5G Americas

This white paper highlights how; "3GPP Communications Services continue to be enhanced and are gaining traction as IMS infrastructure in operator networks is being fortified and enhanced to provide real-time IP services such as voice and video. 3GPP Communications services such as VoLTE, ViLTE and RCS messaging will continue to make progress providing new and enhanced features, applications and services for years to come..."

Download this North American perspective on: "The Evolution of 3GPP Communications Services"

July 2016

5GA volte


A recent GSMA paper looks at how - even before 5G is standardised and available for deployment - Operators can start to build relationships with vertical industries by evolving their existing 4G networks using 3GPP-based technologies.

Download: "Unlocking Commercial Opportunities From 4G Evolution to 5G"

February 2016

 gsma paper 4g


5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective

November 2015


4G Americas

Mobile Broadband Evolution Towards 5G: 3GPP Rel-12 & Rel-13 and Beyond 

June, 2015


4ga paper


NGMN Alliance

5G White Paper


March 2015

 ngmn paper


"5G Vision"

The European Commission and the 5G Infrastructure Association

March 2015




3GPP & Unlicensed spectrum

Dino Flore, 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman

ieee 802 Imterim sessionJanuary 2015

 LAA dino


Understanding 5G:Perspectives on future technological advancements in mobile

December 2014

gsma 5g WP

4G Americas

Recommendations on 5G Requirements and Solutions

October 2014

4ga 5g

IMT-2020 PG

The Chinese IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group's White Paper on "5G Vision and Requirements"

May 2014



LTE Rel-12 and beyondDino Flore, 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman

LTE World Summit 2014

dino pres2

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