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Understanding 3GPP Release 12 Standards for HSPA+ and LTE-Advanced Enhancements

4G Americas, February 2015

4ga wp

3GPP & Unlicensed spectrum

Dino Flore, 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman
ieee 802 Imterim session
January 2015

LAA dino

Understanding 5G:

Perspectives on future technologicl advancements in mobile
December 2014

 gsma 5g WP

LTE Rel-12 and beyond

Dino Flore, 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman
LTE World Summit 2014

 dino pres2

3GPP Standards Developments 

Presented during Critical Communications Europe, 2014

Mona Mustapha, 3GPP TSG SA WG1 Chair

CC Europe mona

Latest Trends in Telecommunication Standards

By sigcomm

Standardization organizations play a major role in the telecom-munications industry to guarantee interoperability between vendors and allow for a common ground where all players can voice their opinion regarding the direction the industry should follow.

In this paper the authors review the current activities in some of the most relevant standardization bodies in the area of communication networks:3GPP, IEEE802.11, BBF, IETF, ONF, ETSI ISG NFV, oneM2M and ETSI TC ITS. Major innovations being developed in these bodies are sumarized, describing the most disruptive directions taken and expected to have a remarkable impact in future networks.

Some trends are identified:

i) core technology enhancements,
ii) inter-organization cooperation for con-vergence,
iii) consideration of raising disruptive technical concepts,and
iv) expanding into emerging use cases aiming at an increase of future market size.

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