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Mobile Broadband Evolution Towards 5G: 3GPP Rel-12 & Rel-13 and Beyond

June, 2015

What new features and enhancements will be introduced? Will LTE and HSPA+ of the future
be significantly different than it is today? What are the enhancements to LTE-Advanced and HSPA+ on
the road to 5G? How will LTE provide the foundation for 5G? ...more




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Mobile Operators of the NGMN Alliance Publish 5G White PaperNGMN Alliance,

March 6, 2015



The European Commission and the 5G Infrastructure Association, on behalf of the 5G-PPP,  have launched the 5G-PPP  "5G Vision"

March 6, 2015


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3GPP & Unlicensed spectrumDino Flore, 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman

ieee 802 Imterim sessionJanuary 2015


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Understanding 5G:Perspectives on future technological advancements in mobile

December 2014


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4G Americas’ Recommendations on 5G Requirements and Solutions

October 2014



The Chinese IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group's White Paper on "5G Vision and Requirements"  

May 2014




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LTE Rel-12 and beyondDino Flore, 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman

LTE World Summit 2014




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