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Release 15
Updated July 16, 2018
Release 15 saw the delivery of the first 5G specifications.
At the June Plenary meetings, a group of member companies announced the latest progress of the work to complete work on the 5G architecture options, before the end of this release:
“3GPP TSG #80 Plenary Meeting has approved the completion of the standalone Release 15, 5G specifications. After the release of the 5G NR specifications for non-standalone operation in December 2017, another essential step of standardization of 5G has been successfully completed.
Now, the whole industry is taking the final sprint towards 5G commercialization. The completion of Standalone specifications which complements the non-standalone specifications, not only gives 5G NR the ability of independent deployment, but also brings a brand new end-to-end network architecture... New business models will be enabled and a new era where everything is interconnected will be opened up for both mobile operators and industrial partners.” 
NR rel15 schedule 1200px      NR rel15 options 1200px
 Early, On-time and Late drops...    The Architecture options for 5G (From TR 38.801
Background information:
Release 15, to deliver the first set of 5G standards - including new work as well as the maturing of the LTE-Advanced Pro specifications. 
In June of 2016, the 3GPP Technical Specifications Groups (TSG#72) agreed on a detailed workplan for Release 15.

The plan includes a set of intermediate tasks and check-points to guide the ongoing studies in the Working Groups. 5g timeline 300px

During discussions about the work plan, in 2016, the importance of forward compatibility - in both radio and protocol design - was stressed, as this will be key for phasing-in the necessary features, enabling all identified usecases, in subsequent releases of the 5G specification.  

Functional freeze date including stable protocols: September 2018 (...what does this mean?)

Some Background on Release 15


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Details of the features and work items under each 3GPP Release are kept in the corresponding, on-line, list of features and study items.



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