The Mobile
Broadband Standard

Release 14
Work has started on Release 14, which is set to be very busy, focusing at this early stage on Mission Critical enhancements, LTE support for V2x services, eLAA, 4 band Carrier Aggregation, inter-band Carrier Aggregation and more, as the focus turns to this release on the completion deadline for Rel-13 (March 2016).

There are a 30+ studies in Rel-14, on topics such as;

5G requirements (SMARTER, NexGen) Multimedia Broadcast Supplement for Public Warning System, User Control over spoofed callS, Location services, Mission Critical Video over LTE, MC DATA, LTE support for V2X services, Enhancement for TV Video service, eFMSS, S8 Home Routing Architecture, Ph2 Emergency services over WLAN, Control and User Plane Separation of EPC nodes, Overload Control for Diameter Charging Applications, Latency reduction techniques for LTE, High Power LTE UE for Band 41, Channel model above 6 GHz, SRVCC Enhancements, Service Domain Centralization, Robust Call Setup for VoLTE subscriber in LTE, OAM (energy efficiency and SON for AAS-based deployments), UICC power optimization for MTC, Requirements for Next Generation Access Technologies, Multi-Carrier Enhancements for UMTS...
A 3GPP Summary of Release 14 Work Items is now available on-line.
Functional freeze date including stable protocols: June 2017 (...what does this mean?)

Some Background on Release 14

Details of the features and work items under each 3GPP Release are kept in the corresponding, on-line, list of features and study items.



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