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3GPP Support for Key events

The following events provide an opportunity for 3GPP officials and experts to meet colleagues and partners, to discuss the latest specifications and work plan of the Partnership.

3GPP does not seek or hold any financial stake in these events: 

Broadband World Forum 24/10/2017 Berlin Endorsement / Speakers

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Future Evolution of Marine Communication 07/11/2017 Sophia Antipolis Speakers

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Ultra Reliable Low Latency Wireless Networks Conference  14/11/2017 London Speakers


VRIF/3GPP SA4 Workshop on VR Ecosystem and Standards 04/12/2017 Santa Clara Speakers

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Virtual Reality - Ecosystem & Standards Workshop

October 10, 2017

The 3GPP SA4 Working Group and the Virtual Reality Industry Forum (VR-IF) are organizing a Workshop, in Santa Clara from the 4th-6th December 2017, on how to promote VR industry needs in to the 3GPP specifications.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Collect Operator and Service Providers’ technical requirements for a VR service
  • Consider 360 degree video production format’s constraints and the challenges it presents to distribution
  • Report on and seek to harmonize various VR-related standardization efforts

There will be workshop sessions on those key topics, with each session containing presentations and panel discussions so as to ensure that the upcoming VR standards are aligned with the industry’s production formats, the service providers’ requirements and to evolving device capabilities.

3GPP at the Core of the ETSI 5G Summit

April 6, 2017, Sophia Antipolis.

The ETSI summit on 5G Network Infrastructure took place here today, looking behind 5G radio at what is planned to meet the need for a futuristic core network.

Some of the key themes of the day were; how can standards help bridge the divide between the existing network architecture and 5G? what are the 3GPP 5G plans? and what will be the impact of the demands of the internet of everything on them?

Georg Mayer represented 3GPP, giving a presentation on the '5G infrastructure work in 3GPP’.

Work on 5G protocols has now started, but time is tight – with the first phase to be concluded by June 2018. Georg Mayer told participants that “It is not the time anymore for outside bodies to send requirements – You need to contribute directly to 3GPP to influence the work in Release 15.”

5G Everywhere at MWC

March 1, 2017
Our participation at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, has demonstrated the key role that 3GPP is playing in the industry’s plans for a new type of network – that will deliver ever more stunning user experiences, but will also define a new type of internet, empowering connectivity across all kinds of communities.

3GPP Presentation at MWC:

Dino Flore, the RAN Chairman, presented on LTE evolution and 5G, focusing on diverse Release 14 topics (Offload to unlicensed spectrum, Cellular IoT, LTE-based V2X, Low latency LTE…) and on the 3GPP 5G submission for the ITU’s IMT-2020 call for 5G systems. Dino also presented at MWC in his new role, as Director General of the 5GAA - the newly formed Association created to connect the telecom and vehicle manufacturers (Get Dino’s 5GAA presentation…here).

Mission Critical features at TCCA event

February 9, 2017

ETSI and 3GPP stand on the leftAt the Critical Communications Europe (CCE) conference, held in Copenhagen this week, the need for future mission critical networks to offer coverage, throughput, capacity, resiliency and security - for vast amounts of data as well as voice communications - has been in focus.

A whole industry has been built out of the highly successful TETRA standard, delivering voice and early data services to professional users. Now with the need for advanced data networks there is a high degree of interest in how mission critical needs can be met by 3GPP systems.

Speaking at CCE today, Erik Guttman, the SA Chairman gave a summary of our standardization work. His message was that the industry should be motivated to [at least] follow the work of 3GPP and [at best] bring their expertise in to the working groups. He emphasised that the system evolves over time and over a series of Releases, not just one and that continual improvements are achievable.

5G Network Infrastructure Summit

April 6, 2017 - Sophia Antipolis

ETSI is organising its third summit on 5G, but this time the presentations will focus on the network's infrastructure and the technical solutions for the performance, reliability, energy efficiency and security that will be in the standards for the 5G system.

Georg Mayer, the TSG CT Chairman, is representing our technical leadership on the programme committee and he will also speak at the Summit, about the early prioritisation process for work on the next generation core network from 3GPP.

The detailed programne, for this free-of-charge event, will be available by mid-February 2017, but Registration for the ETSI Summit on 5G Network Infrastructure is now open.

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