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RAN3 Clocks up the 100

June 28, 2018

By Gino Masini, Sasha Sirotkin and Yin Gao

May 2018 will be remembered by some for two very special events; the finalization of the Non-Standalone NR specification and the RAN3 centennial celebration. In Busan, Korea.

3GPP RAN WG3 took some time off after heated discussions, hectic drafting and careful ASN.1 polishing for a well-deserved party at the RAN3#100 meeting.

Different opinions about intricate details of XnAP Information Element definitions have been put aside, questions for clarification forgotten and replaced by compliments and toasts to recognize this significant landmark.

There was singing at dinner (Lyrics in R3-183485) and stories told about the old days when meeting schedules were less hectic and summers were longer. There were also awards made, notably to some of the characters that have made RAN3 a special place to be.

Webinar - Working towards full 5G in Rel-16

July 3, 2018

See our latest webinar, presented by Balazs Bertenyi, on the progress made at RAN#80, including details of:

  • the major milestone of freezing 5G standalone specifications;
  • the Rel-15 late drop to address essential market needs of migration to 5G;
  • and on the Rel-16 work program: with planned features to facilitate fulfilling the full 5G vision.

Critical Comms on Show

May 17, 2018

The 20th Critical Communications World has attracted the professional user community to Berlin this week, for the industry’s top conference and exhibition. Both ETSI and 3GPP leaders joined 3GPP market partner TCCA at the exhibition, on the awards program and speaking at the conference.

CComs features diagErik Guttman and Georg Mayer spoke on the 3GPP MC topic, highlighting recent enhancements to Mission Critical Push-to-talk (MCPTT), MCVideo and MCData as well as looking forward to 5G future work.

At the International Critical Communications Awards (ICCA 2018), on the first evening of CCW, we presented a glass trophy to the TCCA in recognition of their 20 years of work, through the TETRA Congresses and the CCW conference series.

A stalwart of SA6 and the TETRA communities – Dave Chater-Lea – was also a winner at ICCA, receiving the Industry’s award for an ‘Outstanding Contribution to Critical Communications’.

Rel-15 success spans 3GPP groups

June 14, 2018

Many of the 3GPP Member companies have co-signed a press release to promote their support for the achievements of the Plenary meetings, held this week in La Jolla, USA.

Formal reports from the Technical Specifications Group Chairmen will go online soon (see: CTRAN and SA).

Here is the text of the press release, provided without any 3GPP edits, for your information.

Mobile industry works together to deliver complete 5G system standard on time:

3GPP TSG #80 Plenary Meeting has approved the completion of the standalone (SA) Release 15, 5G specifications. After the release of the 5G NR specifications for non-standalone (NSA) operation in Dec. 2017, another essential step of standardization of 5G has been successfully completed. Now, the whole industry is taking the final sprint towards 5G commercialization. The completion of SA specifications which complements the NSA specifications, not only gives 5G NR the ability of independent deployment, but also brings a brand new end-to-end network architecture, making 5G a facilitator and an accelerator during the intelligent information and communications technology improvement process of enterprise customers and vertical industries. New business models will be enabled and a new era where everything is interconnected will be opened up for both mobile operators and industrial partners.

Launch of the 3GPP CVD process

April 18, 2018

Under the guidance of our security group (SA3) and partner organization’s experts, we are able to announce that the 3GPP Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) process is now up-and-running.

The CVD will allow suspected or proven vulnerability caused by errors, omissions or ambiguities in our Technical Specifications to be reported and quickly forwarded to the appropriate 3GPP Group, to analyse and resolve the problem.

This is the first time that we have put a process in place for this activity, formalizing how individuals or organizations can provide information on vulnerabilities related to our deliverables.

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