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3GPP Work Items per TSG/WG

Active 3GPP Work Items for group: C6

Note that this page shows only those active (i.e. not yet completed) WIs where C6 is the sole responsible group.
There may be other active WIs for which this group holds joint responsibility, particularly hierachically higher WIs which comprise WIs from several groups: such WIs are not shown on this page.

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Building Block: UE Conformance Test Aspects - CT6 aspects of 5G System 5GS_Ph1_UEConTest Rel-15
Building Block: CT aspects for IOPS IOPS-CT Rel-13
Building Block: CT6 aspects of SAE - Rel-8
Feature or Study Item: Contact Manager for 3GPP UICC applications eUPHBOOK Rel-8
Feature or Study Item: Deleted - Contact Manager Conformance Test specifications eUPHBOOK-Test Rel-8

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