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Funding & Finances

The 3GPP Finance and Funding Committee was created in 2000 to ensure a good overview of finances, income and expenditure to-date and projection for the end of the year.

It is composed with Organizational Partners representatives who gather at least twice a year to review and accept the Finance Report produced by the head of MCC.

Terms of Reference

The 3GPP Funding and Finance Group performs the following tasks:

To progress all funding, finance and audit matters referred to the group by the 3GPP Organizational Partners and Project Coordination Group;
To act solely through the Organizational Partners to facilitate their financial management of 3GPP;
Specifically to offer guidance to the Mobile Competence Centre on expenditure issues, to carry out periodic auditing of expenditure, provide audit reports to the Organizational Partners, to check funding requests from the Technical Specification Groups and offer advice to the 3GPP Organizational Partners and Project Coordination Group.

Documents from previous FFG meetings

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