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3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award

The 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award recognises an individuals’ contribution to the work of 3GPP over a period of time. The Award gives credit for consistent, profound and enduring contributions of outstanding significance to the work of 3GPP and its committees over a number of years.

When studying nominations, the Awards Panel will consider the following areas:

  • Cumulative contributions to 3GPP work (attendance, participation, innovative ways of working)
  • Influence on the work of others (leadership and advocacy)
  • Development of new areas of work

This page is a permanent tribute to the individuals who have received the Award. 

The Award Roll of Honour 

(Updated once the Award has been given)

Nominations for the first awards may be taken from June 2017. See the procedure below for details of how to nominate an individual for the 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award.

YearRecipientBackground to the award

Award format and rules

Created after consultation with the TSG leadership and the Project Coordination Group (Decision PCG38/08, April 25, 2017) the 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award will be introduced in 2017.
  • From 2017 – 2019, the Award may be given on a maximum of two occasions per year – One per PCG (Only one award in 2017 – at PCG#39).
  • From 2020 onwards, one Award may be given per year – for discussion & decision at the April PCG.
Nominations may be submitted at any time prior to the PCG document deadline. To be eligible, the co-authors of the nomination must provide supporting arguments via the official nomination form only.

Any nominee must have been active in 3GPP during or after 2016. Experts who ceased activity in the project prior to that date are not eligible for this award – which is intended to recognise the endeavours of active delegates.
Once agreed by the Award panel, an award and certificate will be dispatched and the details added to a permanent Roll-of-honour on the 3GPP web site, once the Award has been awarded.  

Awards Panel

The Awards Panel consists of the three TSG Chairmen, the Chairman and the Vice-Chairmen of the Project Coordination Group. The panel will consider the proposed candidates for an award, in private session and without the need for a minuted discussion. They will make their decision by seeking consensus between them, under the guidance of the PCG Secretary.

Award procedure

To maintain the integrity of the process and to avoid personal disappointment, the “3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award” deliberations should be a secret process. The following procedure should be carried out without the knowledge of the nominated person, or any other person not directly involved in the process.

  1. The Lifetime Achievement Award is an individual award.
  2. Three or more active participants in 3GPP (WGs, TSGs or PCG) must co-author the nomination and be listed on the nomination form. An active participant is someone who either attended meetings, contributed to the work in the current year (active on 3GPP email lists, t-doc contributions, rapporteur).
  3. Co-authors (in 2. Above) may only appear on one nomination form for the Lifetime Achievement Award per calendar year.
  4. The nomination must be submitted via the official 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award – nomination form, which should be completed and submitted to the 3GPP Marketing and Communications Officer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) – who is responsible for the award process.
  5. Non eligibility – The Award Panel members and MCC staff may not be nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Nominations must be received by the document deadline of the PCG meeting where the Awards Panel will meet. A nomination received after the meeting deadline will be marked ‘late nomination’ and may only be eligible for consideration at the meeting if there is no objection to it being considered when the Panel meets.
  6. If the late nomination cannot be considered at the current meeting, it will automatically go forward to the next PCG meeting - where the Awards Panel will meet.
  7. The Award Panel will consider every nomination at PCG and will inform the nominating person’s point-of-contact of their decision.
  8. The Panel may award a maximum of TWO awards per calendar year, maximum one per PCG meeting (2017 – 2019) and then (2020 onwards) ONE award per calendar year, at the April PCG meeting.
  9. The panel may decide that no award should be given.
  10. The decision of the Award Panel is final.
  11. If the nominee is not granted the award on this occasion, the nomination may be submitted again in the future – by the same process described from 1. above.
  12. Once the positive decision is made, the Award Panel will instruct the Marketing and Communications Officer to issue an award pack to the appropriate representative of the 3GPP Leadership, for presentation on a suitable occasion.
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