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SA1 - Services

Terms of reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at SA#50 in document SP-100835.

SA WG1 reports to 3GPP TSG SA.


  • Specification of features (stage1) .
  • Specification of services (stage 1).
  • Specification of service capabilities (stage 1).
  • Identification of requirements to support service operation.
  • Identification of requirements for service interworking.
  • Identification of requirements for service interoperability between networks.
  • Charging and accounting requirements


Service and feature requirements applicable to mobile and fixed communications technology for:

  • 2G, 3G and future communication technologies independent of access technologies based on an evolved GSM/GPRS core network , including the Evolved 3GPP Core Network,
  • 2G, 3G and future communication access technologies (including GERAN, UTRAN and E-UTRAN),
  • an evolved industry-wide IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) developed in an access independent manner.
  • converged fixed-mobile communication technologies, when the involved mobile technologies are those identified above.


The outputs of this working group will be Technical Specifications and Reports, or changes to these, which are all submitted to TSG SA for approval. Once approved, they shall form the basis for the work for the whole of 3GPP and for industry segments interested in deploying networks based on IMS.

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SA1 delegates survival guide

How to contribute documents to meetings

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