3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S5-116

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S5-176300 get it LS on Reply LS to LS from CT4 to SA5 on Sx protocol extension to support Credit Pool 2017-12-04
S5-176313 get it LS to CT4 LS to CT4 on AVPs range numbers for Rel-15 2017-12-04
S5-176335 get it Reply LS on Collection Period correction for MDT M3 measurement in eUTRAN 2017-12-04
S5-176381 get it Reply LS on GANA instantiation in the Core and Backhaul network parts of the 3GPP Architecture 2017-12-04
S5-176383 get it Reply LS on MEF Forum Work on 5G 2017-12-13
S5-176409 get it LS on Attributes for QoE measurement collection 2017-12-04
S5-176437 get it LS on progress of methodology 2017-12-04
S5-176467 get it LS to CT4 on the ""Study on forward compatibility for 3GPP Diameter Charging Applications"" completion 2017-12-04
S5-176477 get it LS reply on support of Trace and MDT in NG-RAN in rel-15 2017-12-01
S5-176550 get it LS on gaps identified for managing the NG-RAN that includes virtualized network functions 2017-12-04
S5-176563 get it Reply LS on cooperation on Network Slicing 2017-12-12
Number of outgoing LS documents: 11

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