3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S5-117

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S5-181302 get it LS reply to reply to LS on 5G Charging Study Phase 1 on N4 2018-02-02
S5-181303 get it Reply to LS on charging issues when PLMN changes 2018-02-02
S5-181375 get it LS on new template for 5G management service stage 2 and stage 3 definitions 2018-02-02
S5-181417 get it LS on Addition of AVP code definitions 2018-02-02
S5-181452 get it LS reply to LS from SA2 to SA5 on Response on 5G Specification of PSy 2018-02-02
S5-181455 get it Reply LS on the status of work on interfaces 2018-02-13
S5-181456 get it LS on transport network support of network slicing management 2018-02-02
S5-181520 get it LS to ONAP - New study on integration of ONAP DCAE and 3GPP management architecture 2018-02-13
S5-181529 get it LS on alignment of clarification of network slicing and sharing concepts 2018-02-02
S5-181576 get it LS on measurement of user plane latency 2018-02-02
Number of outgoing LS documents: 10

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