3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S4-97

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S4-180156 get it Reply LS on SAND 2018-02-12
S4-180178 get it LS Response on DASH APIs 2018-02-12
S4-180217 get it Reply LS/r on aligning of ITU-T G.722.2 with 3GPP AMR-WB 2018-02-12
S4-180219 get it LS on Dynamic PLR Allocation in eVoLP 2018-02-12
S4-180229 get it Reply LS on adding new service type in QMC reporting 2018-02-12
S4-180233 get it Reply LS on Interpretation of a=bw-info bandwidth information in SDP 2018-02-12
S4-180240 get it Reply LS on Attributes for QoE measurement collection 2018-02-12
S4-180254 get it Reply LS on default values for 5GS QoS averaging window for standardised 5QIs 2018-02-12
S4-180275 get it Reply LS on FEC and ROHC for mission critical services over MBMS 2018-02-12
S4-180293 get it LS on a test method for RLR in the presence of background noise 2018-02-12
S4-180301 get it LS on QoS for Live Uplink Streaming (FLUS) 2018-02-12
S4-180308 get it LS on FEC for MC Services 2018-02-12
S4-180309 get it LS on Web Media API Snapshot 2017 2018-02-12
S4-180315 get it Reply LS on usage of CAPIF for xMB APIs 2018-02-12
Number of outgoing LS documents: 14

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