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S3-173414 get it LS on Emergency call support for EDCE5 2017-12-04
S3-173420 get it Reply LS on maximum data rate of user plane integrity protected data 2017-12-01
S3-173426 get it Reply LS on PLMN and RAT selection policies for roaming 2017-12-01
S3-173432 get it SA3 response LS on signalling plane security for MC system interconnection 2017-12-04
S3-173433 get it Reply-LS to DESS 11_02: ""Reply to 3GPP S3-172175: DESS Update and Requirements for Securing Inter-PLMN Signalling Interfaces in 5G 2017-12-04
S3-173434 get it Reply LS on providing SIP identities to access a partner MC system 2017-12-04
S3-173437 get it LS on inclusion of the Security Edge Protection Proxy into the 5G architecture 2017-11-29
S3-173439 get it Reply LS on encrypting broadcasted positioning data 2017-12-04
S3-173444 get it LS on EDCE5 Algorithm Indication between UE and SgNB 2017-11-30
S3-173461 get it LS on extension of S6x interface for BEST 2017-12-01
S3-173471 get it Reply LS on Security Requirements and Framework for Narrow Band Internet of Things 2017-12-04
S3-173472 get it Reply LS on Early Data Transmission 2017-12-04
S3-173508 get it Reply LS on security handling for EPS-5GC interworking 2017-12-01
S3-173520 get it LS on User Plane Security Policy 2017-12-04
S3-173527 get it LS on security across inter-operator interconnect 2017-12-04
S3-173531 get it Reply LI relation to TS 33.501 2017-12-04
Number of outgoing LS documents: 16

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