3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S2-128b

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S2-188717 get it Reply LS on Event Reporting From AMF 2018-08-28
S2-188808 get it Reply LS on emergency services fallback 2018-08-28
S2-188827 get it LS reply to LS on AF influence traffic routing 2018-08-28
S2-188859 get it Reply LS on Clarificationson Binding Data usage in UDR 2018-08-28
S2-188863 get it LS on AMF relocation due to changed NSSAI(s) 2018-08-28
S2-188870 get it LS on Routing ID 2018-08-28
S2-188891 get it LS on GAD shape(s) for high accuracy positioning 2018-08-28
S2-188969 get it LS reply to Reply LS on UE policy delivery 2018-08-28
S2-189017 get it Reply LS on 5G service request procedure 2018-08-28
S2-189035 get it Reply to CT4 LS on Nausf_SoRProtection service 2018-09-03
S2-189036 get it Reply to LS on QoS Handling for Media Distribution over 5G 2018-09-03
S2-189038 get it LS reply to BBF Response to 3GPP SA2 liaison S2-183036 on ‘general status of work’ 2018-09-03
S2-189049 get it LS on Slice related Data Analytics 2018-09-03
S2-189051 get it LS on TSN integration in the 5G System 2018-09-03
Number of outgoing LS documents: 14

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