3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S2-126

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S2-182355 get it LS on INOBEAR 2018-03-05
S2-182397 get it Reply LS on Usage of Monitoring Duration 2018-03-07
S2-182398 get it Reply LS on Group Message Delivery via MBMS 2018-03-07
S2-182411 get it LS on Differentiation of LTE-M (eMTC) traffic from other LTE data traffic 2018-03-07
S2-182415 get it LS on encrypting broadcasted positioning data and LS on provisioning of positioning assistance data via LPPa for broadcast 2018-03-07
S2-182535 get it Reply LS on supporting non-3GPP access in NGAP 2018-03-07
S2-182579 get it Reply LS on V1 and V2 reference points 2018-03-07
S2-182619 get it Response LS on UE policy delivery 2018-03-07
S2-182718 get it Reply LS on mobility management congestion control 2018-03-07
S2-182723 get it Reply LS on PLMN and RAT selection policies for roaming 2018-03-07
S2-182821 get it Reply LS on introducing explicit per-UE TNLA binding release in NGAP 2018-03-07
S2-182837 get it Reply LS on alignment of clarification of network slicing and sharing concepts 2018-03-07
S2-182856 get it LS reply to LS from RAN WG2: LS on QoS 2018-03-07
S2-182865 get it Reply LS on DNN or S-NSSAI based congestion control performed at AMF 2018-03-07
S2-182875 get it LS reply to LS reply to LS from SA2 to SA5 on Response on 5G Specification of PSy and LS on Reply on 5G Specification of N28 interface 2018-03-07
S2-182964 get it LS on 5G-S-TMSI code space 2018-03-07
S2-182967 get it LS on indicating service continuity usage of the additional IPv6 prefix in Router Advertisement 2018-03-07
S2-183015 get it Reply LS on URLLC 2018-03-07
S2-183024 get it Reply LS on 5G service request procedure 2018-03-07
S2-183025 get it LS on Allowed NSSAI indication to RAN 2018-03-07
Number of outgoing LS documents: 20

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