3GPP Liaison Statements

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S1-182656 get it Reply LS to ESOA on 5G for Satellite Systems 2018-09-03
S1-182659 get it LS reply on IoT Relation and impact on 5G 2018-09-03
S1-182663 get it Reply LS on Publication of new paper on network slicing and future plans 2018-09-03
S1-182665 get it SA1 reply LS on MCVideo capabilities 2018-09-03
S1-182715 get it LS reply on last MCX User having registered a specific functional alias is leaving 2018-09-03
S1-182741 get it Reply LS on validity of extended local emergency number list 2018-09-03
S1-182743 get it Reply LS on Applicability of 3GPP PS Data off to Ethernet and Unstructured PDU Session Type 2018-09-03
S1-182744 get it LS on Multi-identity and multi-device requirements 2018-09-03
S1-182760 get it LS on the information of the 3GPP standardization applicable to maritime usage and the request of the additional maritime related information 2018-09-03
S1-182764 get it Reply LS on Requirements to enable Predictive QoS for Automotive industry 2018-09-03
Number of outgoing LS documents: 10

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