3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: S1-81

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S1-180298 get it LS on UE WLAN MAC address inclusion in E911 location information 2018-02-20
S1-180299 get it Reply LS to establish collaboration between IIC and 3GPP 2018-02-20
S1-180517 get it Reply LS on Reply LS on clarifying video-related V2X use cases 2018-02-08
S1-180518 get it Reply LS on clarification to MCData delivery and read notifications 2018-02-20
S1-180595 get it LS on support of Voice Service Continuity from 5G System to UTRAN CS 2018-02-20
S1-180602 get it LS on clarification on Restricted Operator Services 2018-02-20
S1-180628 get it Reply LS on URLLC 2018-02-20
S1-180634 get it Reply LS on selectively disabling legacy radio technologies 2018-02-20
Number of outgoing LS documents: 8

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