3GPP Liaison Statements

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R5-181170 get it Reply LS on Use of “Virtual SCell(s)” for CA Testing 2018-03-06
R5-181240 get it LS on Test applicability about early implementation features 2018-03-06
R5-181294 get it LS on Carrier Aggregation RF Receiver test cases optimization 2018-03-06
R5-181321 get it LS on mobile terminated calls over WLAN 2018-03-06
R5-181351 get it Reply LS on Missing RCS Feature Tags in TS 34.229 2018-03-07
R5-181588 get it Enhance the functionality of AT command +CUSPCREQ to also include reporting of received PSSCH transmissions 2018-03-06
R5-181683 get it Clarifications on UL RMC for eLAA 2018-03-06
R5-181684 get it LS on RRM Joint CA test case lack of coverage 2018-03-06
R5-181694 get it LS on RF requirements for V2X UEs 2018-03-06
Number of outgoing LS documents: 9

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