3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R4-85

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R4-1713855 get it LS response to System acquisition time reduction for Rel-15 LTE MTC 2017-12-07
R4-1713920 get it Reply LS on RAN2 agreements for enhanced CA utilization WID 2017-11-30
R4-1713921 get it LS response on reduced SCell activation time for enhanced CA utilization WID 2017-11-30
R4-1713925 get it LS reply on Transmit diversity impact on V2X PC5 2017-12-07
R4-1713940 get it LS on further clarification on definitions of reference points 2017-12-07
R4-1713941 get it LS on RSRP and signal quality measurement report mapping 2017-12-07
R4-1714017 get it LS on the addition of PC2 for uplink CA_41C 2017-12-07
R4-1714090 get it LS on Unwanted emissions of IMT-2020 2017-12-07
R4-1714180 get it LS reply on resource selection for Mode-4 sidelink CA 2017-12-07
R4-1714204 get it LS on MIMO OTA test tolerance 2017-12-07
R4-1714257 get it LS reply on UE baseband processing capability 2017-12-07
R4-1714276 get it LS on Measurement requirement for LAA/WiFi hardware sharing problem 2017-12-07
R4-1714286 get it LS to RAN1 on RSSI evaluation resource for SS-RSRQ measurement 2017-12-07
R4-1714289 get it LS reply on SSTD measurements for EN-DC 2017-12-04
R4-1714295 get it LS on channel raster and SS raster 2017-12-07
R4-1714392 get it Reply LS on Minimum Bandwidth 2017-12-01
R4-1714417 get it LS on transmission timing adjustments in sTTI 2017-12-07
R4-1714454 get it LS reply on UE RF related parameters, capabilities and features for NR 2017-12-07
R4-1714478 get it LS on spectrum utilization 2017-12-07
R4-1714486 get it Reply LS on clarification of applicability of A-GNSS requirements on Cat-M1 devices 2017-12-04
R4-1714502 get it Acquisition of ??????_???????????? for Uplink Transmission 2017-12-07
R4-1714503 get it LS on measurement gap 2017-12-07
R4-1714539 get it Response LS on simultaneous transmission and/or reception over EPC/E-UTRAN and 5GC/NR 2017-12-07
R4-1714549 get it Response LS to MSG TFES 2017-12-12
R4-1714550 get it LS on UE RF conformance spec for mmWave OTA 2017-12-12
Number of outgoing LS documents: 25

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