3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R4-86

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R4-1801809 get it LS on UE measurements for demodulation test setup in FR2 2018-03-07
R4-1802690 get it Reply LS on clarification in MAC 2018-03-06
R4-1802691 get it Reply LS on NR interworking with GSM and UMTS 2018-03-07
R4-1802708 get it LS reply on UE RF related parameters, capabilities and features for NR standalone 2018-03-06
R4-1802788 get it LS on NSSS based NRSRP measurement definition 2018-03-07
R4-1803078 get it LS on EARFCN provisioning for Release 15 MTC and Release 15 NB-IOT UE 2018-03-07
R4-1803122 get it LS reply on UE baseband processing capability 2018-03-06
R4-1803126 get it LS on Measurement gap timing advance 2018-03-05
R4-1803174 get it LS on SFTD measurement before EN-DC 2018-03-07
R4-1803254 get it LS reply on In-Device Coexistence solution for EN-DC 2018-03-06
R4-1803261 get it Reply LS on LTE requirements for EN-DC with NR in FR2 2018-03-06
R4-1803265 get it LS on PA EVM for pi/2 BPSK and DMRS 2018-03-07
R4-1803276 get it Reply LS on NR Idle Mode Measurements 2018-03-06
R4-1803283 get it LS on BWP switching delay 2018-03-07
R4-1803288 get it LS on UE feature list 2018-03-05
R4-1803363 get it LS on signalling on intra-band NC CA 2018-03-07
R4-1803441 get it Reply LS on NR SS Raster Shift for Frequency Range 0-2700MHz 2018-03-07
R4-180346 get it LS on revision of ERC Recommendation 74-01, on unwanted emissions in the spurious domain 2018-03-13
R4-1803466 get it LS reply to RAN1 on P_0 ranges on UL power control 2018-03-13
R4-1803492 get it LS on signalling CRS muting information for Release 15 MTC UE 2018-03-07
R4-1803498 get it Reply LS on field length of Pcmax,c and PHR 2018-03-07
R4-1803506 get it LS reply on LTE measurement gap patterns for SSTD measurement 2018-03-06
R4-1803563 get it Reply LS on Baseband Processing Capabilities 2018-03-07
R4-1803564 get it LS on UE feature list 2018-03-07
R4-1803570 get it Acquisition of ??????_???????????? for Uplink Transmission 2018-03-07
Number of outgoing LS documents: 25

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