3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R3-98

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R3-174874 get it Reply LS on Cooperation on Network Slicing 2017-12-01
R3-174964 get it LS on required information for NSA on X2. 2017-11-30
R3-175013 get it LS on periodical RNA update 2017-12-11
R3-175016 get it LS on RAN3 Further NB-IoT enhancements WI progress 2017-12-11
R3-175025 get it Reply LS on radio capabilities handling upon inter-system mobility 2017-12-11
R3-175029 get it LS on a new GTP-U extension header 2017-12-11
R3-175030 get it Response LS on LTE call redirection to GERAN 2017-12-11
R3-175042 get it LS on RRC Information exchange for F1 UE Context Management 2017-12-11
R3-175045 get it Reply LS on Paging failures for CE Capable UEs 2017-12-11
Number of outgoing LS documents: 9

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