3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R2-ah-18791

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R2-1810807 get it LS on termination of contention-free BFR 2018-07-11
R2-1810894 get it Reply LS on numberOfRA-PreamblesGroupA 2018-07-11
R2-1810897 get it LS on Discrepancy on the number of NS values 2018-07-05
R2-181093 get it LS on gap-assisted serving cell measurement 2018-07-11
R2-1810932 get it LS on gap-assisted serving cell measurement 2018-07-11
R2-1810933 get it Reply LS on inclusion of NSSAI in RRC connection establishment procedure 2018-07-09
R2-1810936 get it LS on overlapping SIB1 and SI messages 2018-07-11
R2-1810937 get it LS on short message transmission using DCI 2018-07-11
R2-1810941 get it LS on UE identity for PO calculation 2018-07-11
R2-1810942 get it Reply LS on NR Cell Information signalled over X2 for EN-DC 2018-07-11
R2-1810943 get it Reply LS on Bandwidth configuration for initial BWP 2018-07-11
R2-1810946 get it LS on I-RNTI in NR 2018-07-11
R2-1810954 get it LS on Further Agreements on Paging Occasions 2018-07-11
R2-1810956 get it Reply LS on MDBV for delay critical QoS flows 2018-07-11
R2-1810957 get it Reply LS to SA5 on L2 measurements 2018-07-11
R2-1810959 get it LS on NAS/AS Interaction Related to T302 2018-07-09
R2-1810960 get it LS on security requirements for RRC connection release 2018-07-11
R2-1810961 get it Reply LS on details of RAN notification area 2018-07-11
R2-1810962 get it LS to RAN3 on Suspend-Resume agreements 2018-07-11
R2-1810963 get it LS on additional TDD configuration periodicities 2018-07-11
R2-1810964 get it LS on Slice based Wait timer in NR RRC release 2018-07-09
R2-1810965 get it LS on connection re-establishment security 2018-07-11
R2-1810966 get it Reply LS on optimisation of UE capability signalling 2018-07-20
R2-1810968 get it LS on Active DL BWPs overlapping/non-overlapping with Initial DL BWP 2018-07-20
R2-1810969 get it LS on RA preambles mapping to SSBs 2018-07-20
Number of outgoing LS documents: 25

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