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Outgoing liaisons from: R2-103b

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R2-1815646 get it LS to RAN1 on PHR and SUL 2018-10-10
R2-1815665 get it LS on TX Profiles Provisioning 2018-10-15
R2-1815668 get it LS on sensing and reporting for Mode 3 2018-10-10
R2-1815690 get it LS on clarification for limited Tx capability 2018-10-15
R2-1815692 get it LS to SA2 on unicast, groupcast and broadcast in NR sidelink 2018-10-15
R2-1815706 get it LS on the interruption time during mobility in LTE 2018-10-15
R2-1815751 get it LS on UP-EDT procedure when resuming in a new eNB 2018-10-15
R2-1815861 get it Reply LS on bandwidth configuration for initial BWP 2018-10-10
R2-1816006 get it Reply LS on Further Agreements on Paging Occasions 2018-10-15
R2-1816007 get it LS on the need of paging reception for the call-back when a UE is in limited service state 2018-10-15
R2-1816010 get it Reply LS on "" LS on Using same counter in EDCE5"" 2018-10-15
R2-1816011 get it Reply LS on L2 measurements 2018-10-15
R2-1816012 get it Reply LS on the Impacts of increasing the MAC-I and NAS-MAC size 2018-10-15
R2-1816013 get it LS on RRC establishment cause in RRC reestablishment fallback case 2018-10-15
R2-1816016 get it LS on frequency separation class 2018-10-15
R2-1816018 get it Reply LS on optimisation of UE capability signalling 2018-10-15
R2-1816022 get it Reply LS on initial NAS security agreements 2018-10-15
R2-1816023 get it Reply LS on higher layer configuration for search space monitoring 2018-10-15
R2-1816024 get it LS on the total RRC Configuration size 2018-10-15
R2-1816026 get it LS on requesting study of system level aspects of NR-U 2018-10-15
R2-1816031 get it LS on Resume failure in RRC_INACTIVE 2018-10-15
R2-1816041 get it Reply LS on Dynamic PLR Allocation in eVoLP 2018-10-15
R2-1816043 get it LS on TSN requirements evaluation 2018-10-15
R2-1816046 get it LS on UE identity to calculate PF and PO in NR 2018-10-15
R2-1816051 get it LS on drb-Identity assignment in EN-DC 2018-10-15
R2-1816053 get it Reply LS on security requirements for RRC connection release 2018-10-15
R2-1816054 get it LS on security requirements for Integrity protection for DRBs in MR-DC 2018-10-15
R2-1816055 get it Further reply LS on ssb-PositionsInBurst mismatch in SIB1 and ServingcellConfigCommon 2018-10-15
R2-1816057 get it LS on RNAU without context relocation 2018-10-15
R2-1816058 get it LS on agreements regarding UE behaviour in RRC_INACTIVE while going out-of-service 2018-10-15
R2-1816059 get it LS on SFN offset for OTDOA 2018-10-15
Number of outgoing LS documents: 31

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