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R2-1803795 get it Reply LS on Data support for ""voice centric"" UE supporting CE mode B 2018-03-06
R2-1803797 get it Early contention resolution in NB-IoT 2018-03-05
R2-1803798 get it Reply LS to RAN1 on wake-up signal 2018-03-05
R2-1803856 get it LS to RAN1 on handling parallel RA procedure and SR procedure 2018-03-05
R2-1803860 get it LS on messagePowerOffsetGroupB 2018-03-05
R2-1803863 get it LS on field length of Pcmax,c and PH 2018-03-05
R2-1803872 get it LS response to RAN1 on NR MIMO MAC CE 2018-03-06
R2-1803884 get it Reply LS to RAN1 on early data transmission 2018-03-05
R2-1803885 get it Reply LS on EDT procedures and AS NAS interaction 2018-03-06
R2-1803886 get it Reply LS on HARQ-ACK feedback for efeMTC 2018-03-06
R2-1803916 get it Reply LS on Reliability for eV2X 2018-03-06
R2-1803939 get it Reply LS on CT1's chosen solution for unified access control 2018-03-05
R2-1803950 get it LS on LTE peak data-rate calculation for EN-DC 2018-03-05
R2-1803985 get it LS on CP latency reduction 2018-03-05
R2-1804050 get it LS on PDCP Change Indication 2018-03-06
R2-1804052 get it LS on maximum number of CCs for NR CA 2018-03-06
R2-1804056 get it UE capability related to integrity protection of DRBs 2018-03-06
R2-180406 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-09
R2-1804066 get it LS to RAN1 on Beam- and Cell- Radio-Link-Monitoring 2018-03-06
R2-1804067 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-07
R2-1804073 get it LS on Message 3 size for NR 2018-03-06
R2-1804074 get it Reply LS on required information for NSA on X2 2018-03-06
R2-1804075 get it LS on Frequency Band list 2018-03-06
R2-1804084 get it LS on RAN2 agreements for LTE URLLC 2018-03-06
R2-1804085 get it Reply LS on adding new service type in QMC reporting 2018-03-06
R2-1804086 get it Reply LS on Attributes for QoE measurement collection 2018-03-06
R2-1804087 get it Response LS on adding PRB usage distribution and IP throughput distribution measurements 2018-03-06
R2-1804088 get it Response LS on adding measurements on average number of total active UEs 2018-03-06
R2-1804089 get it Reply LS on Certification/License and Identification of Aerial Vehicles 2018-03-06
R2-1804090 get it LS on PC5 transmission mechanism selection 2018-03-06
R2-1804091 get it LS to RAN on IMT-2020 requirement for 0ms handover interruption time in Rel-15 2018-03-06
R2-1804094 get it LS to SA2 and CT1 on enabling and disabling NG RAN Capabilities 2018-03-06
R2-1804095 get it LS regarding RAN support for NW slicing 2018-03-06
R2-1804096 get it Reply LS on measurement of user plane latency 2018-03-06
R2-1804097 get it Reply LS on intra-frequency measurement on NR SCell 2018-03-06
R2-1804098 get it Response LS on Maximum TBS for PDSCH containing RMSI/OSI/Paging 2018-03-06
R2-1804099 get it LS to RAN3 on details of RAN notification area 2018-03-06
R2-1804100 get it LS on SN triggered fullConfig indication in X2 for EN-DC 2018-03-06
R2-1804101 get it Reply LS on periodic RNA update without anchor relocation 2018-03-06
R2-1804102 get it LS on UL timing difference in EN-DC 2018-03-06
R2-1804104 get it LS on NR RRC configuration response message 2018-03-06
R2-1804105 get it LS On measurement gaps for Rel. 15 NR positioning 2018-03-06
R2-1804106 get it LS on UE differentiation in NB-IoT 2018-03-06
R2-1804107 get it LS on clarification of NSSAI information exchange during Inactive to connected mode transition 2018-03-06
R2-1804108 get it LS on Security aspects of supporting LTE connected to 5GC 2018-03-06
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