3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R2-100

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R2-1713999 get it Reply LS on Issue with handovers in eMTC 2017-12-07
R2-1714008 get it Reply LS to RAN1 on wake-up signal 2017-12-07
R2-1714013 get it Reply LS on unified Access Control for 5G NR 2017-11-29
R2-1714015 get it Reply LS on System acquisition time reduction for Rel-15 LTE MTC 2017-12-07
R2-1714049 get it LS on BWP related agreements 2017-11-29
R2-1714050 get it LS to RAN1 on beam recovery failure 2017-11-29
R2-1714061 get it LS to RAN1 on HARQ agreements 2017-11-30
R2-1714062 get it LS to RAN1 on GF/SPS agreements 2017-11-30
R2-1714070 get it LS on VoIP packet sizes and transport blocks 2017-12-01
R2-1714074 get it LS on PHR mapping table for FR1 and FR2 2017-12-07
R2-1714121 get it Reply LS on LTE call redirection to GERAN 2017-11-30
R2-1714124 get it Reply LS on algorithm selection in E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity 2017-11-29
R2-1714125 get it LS on maximum data rate of user plane integrity protected data 2017-11-29
R2-1714129 get it LS on TDM pattern coordination for single UL operation 2017-11-29
R2-1714136 get it Reply LS on QCIs for EPC based ULLC 2017-11-30
R2-1714154 get it Reply LS on Supportable RNTI Length on DCI 2017-12-01
R2-1714169 get it LS on replacement of ""SCG change indication"" with ""PDCP change indication"" 2017-12-01
R2-1714186 get it LTE Control Plane Latency Reduction 2017-12-07
R2-1714187 get it LS on Reliability for eV2X 2017-12-07
R2-1714203 get it Reply LS on supported features by 5GC for E-UTRA connected to 5G CN 2017-12-07
R2-1714205 get it LS on cells not broadcasting SIB1 2017-12-04
R2-1714227 get it LS on LTE measurement gap patterns for SSTD measurement 2017-12-07
R2-1714239 get it LS about LTE CA SCell New State agreements 2017-12-12
R2-1714244 get it LS on Security aspects of supporting LTE connected to 5GC 2017-12-07
R2-1714245 get it Reply LS on LS on default values for 5GS QoS averaging window for standardised 5QIs 2017-12-07
R2-1714246 get it LS on MAC CEs for beam management and CSI 2017-12-07
R2-1714248 get it Reply LS on Certification/License and Identification of Aerial Vehicles 2017-12-07
R2-1714258 get it LS on Rel-15 NB-IoT work progress 2017-12-13
R2-1714263 get it LS on UE capability clarification for simultaneousRxTx for NR 2017-12-12
R2-174154 get it Reply LS on Supportable RNTI Length on DCI 2017-12-07
Number of outgoing LS documents: 30

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