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Outgoing liaisons from: R1-92

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R1-1803078 get it LS on PSCCH/PSSCH subframe numbering issue in partial network coverage 2018-03-07
R1-1803116 get it LS on handling of multiple numerologies in FeMBMS 2018-03-07
R1-1803128 get it LS on Autonomous Uplink Access HARQ for FeLAA 2018-03-07
R1-1803150 get it LS on wake-up signal 2018-03-07
R1-1803151 get it LS on Narrowband measurement accuracy improvements 2018-03-07
R1-1803163 get it LS on NB-IoT Downlink Channel Quality Determination and Report 2018-03-07
R1-1803167 get it LS on additional agreements for shortened TTI and processing time for LTE 2018-03-07
R1-1803168 get it LS on RRC parameters for FeLAA 2018-03-07
R1-1803170 get it Response to LS about LTE CA SCell New State agreements 2018-03-07
R1-1803171 get it LS on Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication for LTE 2018-03-07
R1-1803347 get it LS on MAC CEs for BM and CSI 2018-03-05
R1-1803348 get it LS reply on beam failure recovery 2018-03-05
R1-1803349 get it LS on Power Transition and Uplink Channel and Reference Signal Combinations 2018-03-07
R1-1803350 get it Reply LS on Clarifications in MAC (DELTA_PREAMBLE) 2018-03-07
R1-1803351 get it Reply LS on PHR 2018-03-07
R1-1803372 get it Missing values for calculating the RA-RNTI 2018-03-05
R1-1803373 get it LS on introducing of LTE UE DL CAT 21 for 1.4Gbps in Rel.14 2018-03-05
R1-1803375 get it LS on Maximum TBS for PDSCH containing RMSI/OSI/Paging 2018-03-05
R1-1803379 get it Reply LS on Raster Configuration 2018-03-05
R1-1803444 get it LS on 3GPP TR38.811 Chapter 6 skeleton 2018-03-07
R1-1803469 get it LS on RMSI CORESET configuration for supporting new SSB SCS and minimum CH BW combination 2018-03-06
R1-1803475 get it LS on RAR 2018-03-06
R1-1803480 get it LS on NR UE feature list 2018-03-07
R1-1803510 get it LS on time domain resource allocation 2018-03-07
R1-1803519 get it LS on System acquisition time reduction for Rel-15 NB-IoT and eMTC 2018-03-12
R1-1803530 get it LS on L1 parameters 2018-03-07
R1-1803537 get it LS on Simultaneous PDSCH Reception with Paging 2018-03-07
R1-1803538 get it LS on UE HARQ Capability 2018-03-07
R1-1803540 get it Reply LS on Clarifications in MAC (BWP inactivity timer) 2018-03-07
R1-1803541 get it LS on Simultaneous PDSCH Reception with System Information 2018-03-07
R1-1803549 get it LS on SRS switching 2018-03-12
Number of outgoing LS documents: 31

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