3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: R1-91

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R1-1721216 get it LS on additional agreements for shortened TTI and processing time for LTE 2017-11-30
R1-1721241 get it LS on wake-up signal 2017-11-30
R1-1721254 get it LS on HARQ-ACK feedback for eFeMTC 2017-12-07
R1-1721255 get it Reply LS on early data transmission 2017-12-07
R1-1721282 get it LS on Wake-up signal features for Rel-15 LTE-MTC 2017-12-01
R1-1721283 get it LS on PUSCH sub-PRB allocation Rel-15 LTE-MTC 2017-12-01
R1-1721285 get it LS on carrier aggregation for V2X 2017-12-01
R1-1721299 get it LS on problematic MCS-TBS configurations for PSSCH decoding 2017-12-07
R1-1721302 get it LS on correction of interference in NB-IoT RACH procedure 2017-12-04
R1-1721310 get it LS on RAN1 Conclusions and TPs approved in RAN1#91 2017-12-07
R1-1721316 get it LS on power consumption reduction progress 2017-12-11
R1-1721431 get it Reply LS on CR for Reference Signals for MBSFN with 1.25kHz and 7.5khz sub-carrier spacing 2017-11-29
R1-1721557 get it LS on NR RMSI TTI 2017-11-30
R1-1721560 get it LS on NR TDD UL/DL configurations and support of HPUE 2017-11-30
R1-1721574 get it Reply LS on SPS and Grant-free 2017-12-01
R1-1721606 get it LS on RAN1 agreement on UL power sharing for LTE/NR NSA operation 2017-12-01
R1-1721608 get it LS reply to RAN4 on P_0 ranges on UL power control 2017-12-07
R1-1721616 get it LS on RRC parameters for NR 2017-12-01
R1-1721630 get it LS on PRACH with ON-OFF time mask 2017-12-07
R1-1721663 get it LS on MAC CE parameters for NR MIMO 2017-12-04
R1-1721669 get it Reply LS on PRB grid in the NR 2017-12-07
R1-1721680 get it LS on SRS PHR reporting 2017-12-04
R1-1721681 get it LS reply on UE Power Control and PHR Calculation 2017-12-07
R1-1721682 get it LS on CSI reporting periodicities for NR 2017-12-07
R1-1721712 get it LS on RAN1 agreement on bandwidth part transition time 2017-12-07
R1-1721714 get it LS on BWP timer operation 2017-12-07
R1-1721716 get it Response LS on required information for NSA on X2. 2017-12-07
R1-1721721 get it LS on RLM in active DL BWP 2017-12-07
R1-1721722 get it LS reply to RAN4 on UE timing advance adjustment step size 2017-12-07
R1-1721723 get it LS reply on formula or table for L1 data rate 2017-12-07
R1-1721727 get it LS on working assumption on RMSI CORESET 2017-12-07
R1-1721729 get it LS on RAN1 input to 38.300 2017-12-11
R1-1721732 get it Reply to LS on NR UE Category 2017-12-13
Number of outgoing LS documents: 33

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