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C1-184252 - Reply LS on connection control 2018-07-20
C1-184474 - Reply LS on inclusion of NSSAI information during Inactive to connected mode transition 2018-07-20
C1-184606 - Reply LS on enabling and disabling NG RAN Capabilities 2018-07-20
C1-184707 - LS on operator-defined access category 2018-07-20
C1-184708 - LS on emergency services fallback 2018-07-20
C1-184799 - LS on MCVideo capability information sharing 2018-07-20
C1-184817 - LS on Group dynamic data 2018-07-20
C1-184818 - LS on Multi-identity and multi-device requirements 2018-07-20
C1-184903 - LS on AMF relocation due to changed NSSAI(s) 2018-07-20
C1-184904 - Reply LS on AMF rejecting the NAS Message including invalid DNN 2018-07-20
C1-184906 - LS on the applicability of service area restriction and NSSAIs to EPLMNs. 2018-07-20
C1-184907 - LS on [Temporary group call user regroup] and [Temporary group broadcast group call] 2018-07-20
C1-184942 - Provision of ngKSI to UE at EAP-Request/AKA'-Challenge 2018-07-20
C1-184943 - LS on validity of extended local emergency number list 2018-07-20
Number of outgoing LS documents: 14

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