3GPP Liaison Statements

Outgoing liaisons from: C1-109

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C1-181511 get it LS on maximum payload size for standalone SDS on signalling control plane 2018-03-07
C1-181622 get it Reply LS on PWS support over NG interface 2018-03-05
C1-181755 get it Reply LS on indication of preferred CIoT network behavior 2018-03-07
C1-181756 get it LS on handling of EPS bearer context and PDU session context for interworking without N26 2018-03-07
C1-181758 get it LS on the IMS voice over PS session supported indication 2018-03-07
C1-181759 get it LS on one step MO SMS procedure 2018-03-07
C1-181761 get it Reply LS on N2 and N3 interfaces for Non-3GPP access network 2018-03-07
C1-181762 get it LS on N3GPP TAI 2018-03-07
C1-181763 get it LS on DRX parameters negotiation 2018-03-07
C1-181765 get it LS on deactivation of MICO mode due to emergency service 2018-03-07
C1-181769 get it LS on Service Based interface for PWS 2018-03-07
C1-181775 get it LS on 5G-GUTI type 2018-03-07
C1-181789 get it Reply LS on EPS fallback for voice 2018-03-07
C1-181790 get it LS on TAI and forbidden TAI list for 5GS 2018-03-07
C1-181791 get it LS on paging with IMSI/SUCI in 5GS 2018-03-07
Number of outgoing LS documents: 15

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