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CC: C3-186335 get it LS on security method negotiation 2018-10-18
TO: C3-186339 get it LS on CAPIF Publish API Notification 2018-10-16
TO: C3-186414 get it LS on API invoker onboarding 2018-10-18
TO: CP-182239 get it Reply LS on API specification and API version number maintenance 2018-09-14
TO: EMTEL(18)000026_LS_to_ETSI_TCs__3GPP_WGs_and_oneM2M get it LS on the start of ETSI STF555 - ""Study of use cases and communications involving IoT devices in emergency situations"".^^^^ 2018-08-02
TO: LS to 3GPP TSG-SA WG6 on Use of ITS Dedicated Spectrum within V2X UE get it LS to 3GPP TSG-SA WG6 on Use of ITS Dedicated Spectrum within V2X UE 2018-10-16
TO: LS_ETSI_CL3463 get it LS on Joint ETSI - OSA Workshop: Open Implementations & Standardization 2018-09-03
TO: LS_from_2ndMCPTTPlugtests_To_CT1-SA6 get it Observations on standards and technical constraints from 2nd MCPTT Plugtests 2018-10-08
TO: S1-182665 get it SA1 reply LS on MCVideo capabilities 2018-09-03
TO: S1-182715 get it LS reply on last MCX User having registered a specific functional alias is leaving 2018-09-03
TO: S3-182617 get it Reply LS on CAPIF4xMB 2018-08-28
Number of incoming LS documents: 11

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