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TO: 171124 LS_reply_to_ETSI_ISG_NFV_on_lifecyclemanagement_for_3GPP_service_based_architecture-v4 get it LS reply to ETSI ISG NFV on lifecycle management for 3GPP service based architecture 2017-12-01
TO: NFV(17)000366r1 get it LS reply to 3GPP on gaps identified for managing the NG-RAN that includes virtualized network functions 2017-12-13
TO: R2-1714203 get it Reply LS on supported features by 5GC for E-UTRA connected to 5G CN 2017-12-07
CC: R3-174874 get it Reply LS on Cooperation on Network Slicing 2017-12-01
TO: S1-174542 get it LS on Removal of 'over LTE' limitation from Mission Critical Specifications 2017-12-12
TO: S2-179226 get it LS Response on 5G Specification of PSy 2017-12-11
CC: S2-179611 get it Reply LS on Differentiation of LTE-M (eMTC) traffic from other LTE data traffic 2017-12-11
TO: SG15-LS79 get it Liaison statement regarding Transport network management to support IMT-2020/5G 2017-12-13
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