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TO: C3-183701 get it Reply LS on Addition of AVP code definitions 2018-05-29
TO: NEST_36_002_LS get it Publication of new paper on network slicing and future plans 2018-06-04
TO: NTECH(18)000006 get it Information about publication of ETSI TS 103 195-2 v1.1.1 ""An Architectural Reference Model for Autonomic Networking, Cognitive Networking and Self-Management"" 2018-06-21
TO: R2-1808793 get it Reply LS on Bluetooth/WLAN measurement collection in MDT 2018-06-08
TO: R2-1809158 get it Response LS on adding measurements on average number of total active UEs 2018-06-08
TO: R2-1810957 get it Reply LS to SA5 on L2 measurements 2018-07-11
CC: R3-183320 get it Reply LS on adding new service type in QMC reporting 2018-05-28
TO: S1-181249 get it LS on Removal of LTE specific terminology from Group Communication System Enablers TS 22.468 2018-05-17
CC: S1-181742 get it Reply LS on LS to 3GPP on QoS Prediction 2018-05-17
CC: S2-185846 get it Reply LS on LS to 3GPP on QoS Prediction 2018-06-04
TO: S2-186176 get it LS out to CT4 on 5G GUTI and EPS Interworking 2018-06-04
CC: S2-187579 get it LS reply to LS on clarification for spending limit control functionality 2018-07-09
TO: S2-187617 get it LS on Data Analytics in SA WG2/NWDAF 2018-07-20
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