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Incoming liaisons for: S5-122

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TO: CP-182239 get it Reply LS on API specification and API version number maintenance 2018-09-14
TO: R2-1816011 get it Reply LS on L2 measurements 2018-10-15
TO: R3-186232 get it Reply LS to SA5 on L2 measurements 2018-10-17
TO: SG2-LS62 get it LS on cooperation on REST-based network management framework 2018-07-24
TO: sp16-sg5-oLS-00076 get it LS/r Energy Efficiency (reply to 3GPP TSG SA5 - S5-182439) 2018-10-17
TO: sp16-sg5-oLS-00081 get it LS/r on Energy Efficiency (reply to ETSI TC EE - EE(18)053033-E) 2018-10-17
Number of incoming LS documents: 6

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