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TO: 29N17576-3GPP get it Liaison Statement from SC 29/WG 11 to 3GPP on DASH [SC 29/WG 11 N 17876] 2018-09-24
TO: 29n17638 get it Liaison to 3GPP on MPEG-I Audio 2018-10-17
TO: 29n17639_3GPP get it Liaison to 3GPP on MPEG-I Point Cloud Compression 2018-10-17
TO: C3-184562 get it Reply LS on CAPIF4xMB 2018-07-20
TO: DASH-IF L201837A 3GPP on DAInty get it Liaison to 3GPP SA4 on DASH APIs 2018-09-26
TO: EMTEL(18)000026_LS_to_ETSI_TCs__3GPP_WGs_and_oneM2M get it LS on the start of ETSI STF555 - ""Study of use cases and communications involving IoT devices in emergency situations"".^^^^ 2018-08-02
TO: ls107-16-2018 get it LS/r on aligning of ITU-T G.722.2 with 3GPP AMR-WB (3GPP S4-180217) [to 3GPP SA4]^^^^ 2018-08-02
TO: ls110-16 get it LS on new ITU-T Recommendations related to Immersive Live Experience (ILE); service scenarios, high-level requirement and architectural framework ^^^^ 2018-08-02
TO: R2-1813199 get it Reply LS on the transmission of video over PC5 interface 2018-09-05
TO: R2-1813476 get it Reply LS on new QCI-5QIs for FLUS 2018-09-05
TO: R2-1816041 get it Reply LS on Dynamic PLR Allocation in eVoLP 2018-10-15
TO: S2-189036 get it Reply to LS on QoS Handling for Media Distribution over 5G 2018-09-03
TO: S3-182617 get it Reply LS on CAPIF4xMB 2018-08-28
TO: S6-181291 get it LS on application layer support for V2X services 2018-08-03
Number of incoming LS documents: 14

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