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TO: C1-182803 get it Reply LS on 5G service request procedure 2018-04-20
TO: C3-182500 get it LS on the update of Nnef_PFDmanagement description 2018-04-23
TO: C4-185319 get it LS on Nausf_SoRProtection service 2018-07-20
TO: C4-185492 get it LS on Event Reporting From AMF 2018-07-20
CC: C4-185493 get it LS OUT on TLS and inter PLMN routing 2018-07-20
TO: R2-1806492 get it LS on GAD shape(s) for high accuracy positioning 2018-04-24
TO: R2-1810933 get it Reply LS on inclusion of NSSAI in RRC connection establishment procedure 2018-07-09
TO: R2-1810956 get it Reply LS on MDBV for delay critical QoS flows 2018-07-11
TO: R2-1810964 get it LS on Slice based Wait timer in NR RRC release 2018-07-09
TO: R2-1810966 get it Reply LS on optimisation of UE capability signalling 2018-07-20
TO: S3-181956 get it LS on TLS and inter PLMN routing 2018-05-23
CC: S3-182087 get it LS response on Initial NAS message protection 2018-05-28
TO: S5-184204 get it LS on Introduction of a new charging method for PCC Rule. 2018-06-29
Number of incoming LS documents: 13

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