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TO: 18ESIMWI442_Doc_003R02 Draft LS to 3GPP CT6 on BIP fornon-IP get it BIP for non-IP: MT communication 2018-03-09
TO: C1-180389 get it LS on service gap control with resume for non-supporting UE 2018-01-29
TO: C1-181755 get it Reply LS on indication of preferred CIoT network behavior 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181756 get it LS on handling of EPS bearer context and PDU session context for interworking without N26 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181758 get it LS on the IMS voice over PS session supported indication 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181759 get it LS on one step MO SMS procedure 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181762 get it LS on N3GPP TAI 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181763 get it LS on DRX parameters negotiation 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181765 get it LS on deactivation of MICO mode due to emergency service 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181775 get it LS on 5G-GUTI type 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181789 get it Reply LS on EPS fallback for voice 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181790 get it LS on TAI and forbidden TAI list for 5GS 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181791 get it LS on paging with IMSI/SUCI in 5GS 2018-03-07
TO: C3-180358 get it LS on Resource Identifiers for T8 2018-01-30
TO: C3-180372 get it LS on T8 Destination Address 2018-01-30
TO: C3-181219 get it LS on Questions on Events related to Sevice Data Flows in the Nsmf_EventExposure service 2018-03-07
TO: C4-182306 get it LS on the clarification of the UDR service name 2018-03-07
TO: IOTTF17 Doc003 get it LS reply to 3GPP SA2 on Differentiation of LTE-M (eMTC) traffic from other LTE data traffic 2018-01-23
CC: Liaison NGMN P1_to_SDOs Architecture Framework Documentv3 get it NGMN Paper on 5G End-to-End Architecture Framework. 2018-03-06
TO: R2-1801660 get it Reply LS on maximum idle mode DRX value 2018-01-31
TO: R2-180406 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-09
TO: R2-1804067 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-07
CC: R2-1804106 get it LS on UE differentiation in NB-IoT 2018-03-06
TO: R2-1804107 get it LS on clarification of NSSAI information exchange during Inactive to connected mode transition 2018-03-06
TO: R3-180634 get it LS on Extending TAC for NR and NG-RAN 2018-01-31
TO: R3-181530 get it Reply LS on Paging failures for CE Capable UEs 2018-03-08
TO: R3-181542 get it LS on data forwarding for intra-system handover 2018-03-08
TO: R3-181557 get it Reply LS on coexistence between RRC inactive and dual connectivity 2018-03-08
TO: R3-181571 get it LS on Applying Xn and NG HO procedure for Inter-RA Mobility 2018-03-08
TO: R3-181573 get it Reply LS on EDT procedures and AS NAS interaction 2018-03-08
TO: R3-181575 get it LS on Handling of end marker packets 2018-03-08
CC: R4-1802691 get it Reply LS on NR interworking with GSM and UMTS 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180918 get it LS on authentication related services provided by AUSF and UDM 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180943 get it LS on Support User Plane Encryption in UP security policy 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180972 get it LS on UP Security Policy 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180981 get it LS on Initial NAS message protection 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180986 get it LS on AS Security Context Setup 2018-03-07
CC: S3-180998 get it LS on SoR mechanism 2018-03-07
TO: S4-180301 get it LS on QoS for Live Uplink Streaming (FLUS) 2018-02-12
TO: S6-171851 get it LS on Integration of northbound APIs with CAPIF 2017-12-04
TO: S6-180222 get it Reply LS to SA2 on default values for 5GS QoS averaging window 2018-02-02
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