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TO: C1-183728 get it Reply LS on Change default exempt status for BIP with respect to 3GPP PS Data Off feature 2018-05-25
TO: C1-183851 get it LS on Applicability of 3GPP PS Data off to Ethernet and Unstructured PDU Session Type 2018-05-25
CC: C6-180295 get it Reply LS on SoR mechanism 2018-06-13
TO: NEST_36_002_LS get it Publication of new paper on network slicing and future plans 2018-06-04
CC: R1-1807870 get it Reply LS on the transmission of video over PC5 interface 2018-05-30
TO: R2-1808898 get it LS on Addition of access/load control for CE 2018-06-08
CC: R2-1810964 get it LS on Slice based Wait timer in NR RRC release 2018-07-09
CC: S2-185611 get it LS on PS Data Off for non-IP services 2018-06-04
TO: S2-185792 get it LS OUT on Location Service exposure to NG-RAN 2018-06-04
CC: S2-185846 get it Reply LS on LS to 3GPP on QoS Prediction 2018-06-04
TO: S2-187600 get it Reply LS on Delay Tolerant Access and Low Access Priority in 5GS 2018-07-09
TO: S3-182031 get it Reply LS on Removal of LTE specific terminology from Group Communication System Enablers TS 22.468 2018-05-28
CC: S5-183631 get it Reply LS to 5GAA on QoS Prediction 2018-05-22
TO: S6-180966 get it LS on last MCX User having registered a specific functional alias is leaving 2018-05-29
TO: SAE C-V2X AA TF additional Reply LS 05282018 get it Additional Reply LS on eV2X evaluation methodology 2018-05-29
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