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CC: 5GSI_04 Doc 003 LS to 3GPP on 5G Indicator Requirement get it LS to 3GPP RAN and 3GPP SA on 5G Indicator Requirements 2018-09-06
TO: C1-185602 get it LS on unified access control in RRC_Inactive 2018-08-27
TO: ENAV22-12.1.19 Liaison ENAV to 3GPP get it Reply to LS on the information of the 3GPP standardization applicable to maritime usage and the request of the additional maritime related information 2018-10-12
CC: LS to 3GPP TSG-SA WG6 on Use of ITS Dedicated Spectrum within V2X UE get it LS to 3GPP TSG-SA WG6 on Use of ITS Dedicated Spectrum within V2X UE 2018-10-16
CC: R2-1813425 get it Reply LS on Location Service exposure to NG-RAN 2018-09-05
CC: R2-1813465 get it LS on establishment causes 2018-09-05
TO: R2-1816007 get it LS on the need of paging reception for the call-back when a UE is in limited service state 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1816043 get it LS on TSN requirements evaluation 2018-10-15
TO: S2-189051 get it LS on TSN integration in the 5G System 2018-09-03
TO: S5-186289 get it Reply LS from SA5 to SA1 on Multi-identity and multi-device requirements 2018-10-15
TO: S5-186320 get it LS reply to ITU-T SG13 on draft Recommendation Y.3103 2018-10-16
TO: S5-186321 get it LS to SA1 on business roles for 5G networks and network slicing management 2018-10-15
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