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CC: 5GAA_S-170179_ LS to 3GPP RAN-SA get it LS to 3GPP on C-V2X evolution 2017-12-13
CC: C4-176299 get it Reply LS on Standardised Slice Service Types 2017-12-04
CC: C6-170696 get it LS on a potential USIM solution for PLMN and RAT selection policies for roaming 2017-12-07
TO: IIC LS to 3GPP on Collaboration 1217 get it LS to establish collaboration between IIC and 3GPP 2017-12-15
CC: R2-1714203 get it Reply LS on supported features by 5GC for E-UTRA connected to 5G CN 2017-12-07
TO: R2-1714248 get it Reply LS on Certification/License and Identification of Aerial Vehicles 2017-12-07
CC: S2-179646 get it LS on QCIs for EPC based URLLC 2017-12-11
TO: S3-173414 get it LS on Emergency call support for EDCE5 2017-12-04
CC: S3-173434 get it Reply LS on providing SIP identities to access a partner MC system 2017-12-04
TO: S6-171839 get it LS on clarification to requirement 22.282 R- 2017-12-04
TO: sp16-sg13-oLS-00044 get it LS on Draft Recommendation Y.IMT2020-BM ^^^^ 2017-12-04
Number of incoming LS documents: 11

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