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TO: FM(18)190-Annex 07_LS out from WG FM to 3GPP RAN and RAN4 and to ETSI on band 410 - 430 MHz get it CEPT/ECC developments in the 410 - 430MHz band 2018-10-16
TO: OMA-LS_1089 get it LwM2M v1.1 Release Approval 2018-09-25
TO: R1-1809617 get it LS on Rel-15 LTE UE feature list 2018-08-23
CC: R2-1816018 get it Reply LS on optimisation of UE capability signalling 2018-10-15
CC: R2-1816026 get it LS on requesting study of system level aspects of NR-U 2018-10-15
CC: R4-1814315 get it LS on Vehicle mounted UE antenna performance 2018-10-18
CC: R4-1814321 get it LS to RAN5 and GCF on method to distinguish vehicle UE from handheld UE 2018-10-18
CC: S5-186375 get it LS reply on energy efficiency of 5G 2018-10-16
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