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TO: 1893133 Input to TF160 and RAN5 Regarding TTCN Development get it Input to TF160 and RAN5 Regarding TTCN Development 2018-09-21
TO: LS_ETSI_CL3463 get it LS on Joint ETSI - OSA Workshop: Open Implementations & Standardization 2018-09-03
TO: PVG82_0652_18_LS_to_3GPP_RAN5_on_CA Optimisation_r1 get it Carrier Aggregation Optimization 2018-09-10
CC: R4-1814315 get it LS on Vehicle mounted UE antenna performance 2018-10-18
TO: R4-1814321 get it LS to RAN5 and GCF on method to distinguish vehicle UE from handheld UE 2018-10-18
TO: RP-182098 get it LS on Definition of test methods for OTA unwanted emissions of IMT radio equipment 2018-09-17
CC: RP-182148 get it Reply LS on LTE OTA TRP and TRS requirements definition in 3GPP 2018-09-17
TO: RP-182175 get it LS to RAN5 on TM9 FGI bits 103 and 104 2018-09-17
Number of incoming LS documents: 8

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