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TO: 5D_TD_571Rev1 get it Definition of and test methods for OTA unwanted emissions of IMT radio equipment 2018-07-02
TO: R3-183439 get it Reply LS on significant alienation of layer independent group dynamics 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1806532 get it LS on Settings for verifying RF requirements for Coherent UL MIMO 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1807951 get it LS on generic 3CC to 5CC RRM test cases 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808210 get it Reply LS on the applicable requirements of the Power Class 2 capable UE 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808410 get it LS on Measurement Grids 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808508 get it LS on Introducing optional channel bandwidth 2018-06-04
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