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TO: R1-1721608 get it LS reply to RAN4 on P_0 ranges on UL power control 2017-12-07
TO: R1-1721630 get it LS on PRACH with ON-OFF time mask 2017-12-07
TO: R1-1721669 get it Reply LS on PRB grid in the NR 2017-12-07
TO: R1-1721681 get it LS reply on UE Power Control and PHR Calculation 2017-12-07
TO: R1-1721712 get it LS on RAN1 agreement on bandwidth part transition time 2017-12-07
CC: R1-1721716 get it Response LS on required information for NSA on X2. 2017-12-07
TO: R1-1721721 get it LS on RLM in active DL BWP 2017-12-07
TO: R1-1721722 get it LS reply to RAN4 on UE timing advance adjustment step size 2017-12-07
TO: R1-1721727 get it LS on working assumption on RMSI CORESET 2017-12-07
CC: R1-1721732 get it Reply to LS on NR UE Category 2017-12-13
TO: R2-1714015 get it Reply LS on System acquisition time reduction for Rel-15 LTE MTC 2017-12-07
TO: R2-1714074 get it LS on PHR mapping table for FR1 and FR2 2017-12-07
TO: R2-1714227 get it LS on LTE measurement gap patterns for SSTD measurement 2017-12-07
TO: R2-1714239 get it LS about LTE CA SCell New State agreements 2017-12-12
TO: R2-1714263 get it LS on UE capability clarification for simultaneousRxTx for NR 2017-12-12
TO: S1-174542 get it LS on Removal of 'over LTE' limitation from Mission Critical Specifications 2017-12-12
Number of incoming LS documents: 16

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