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CC: R1-1812037 get it LS on RAN1 NR UE features update 2018-10-17
CC: R2-1815665 get it LS on TX Profiles Provisioning 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1815751 get it LS on UP-EDT procedure when resuming in a new eNB 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1816010 get it Reply LS on "" LS on Using same counter in EDCE5"" 2018-10-15
CC: R2-1816011 get it Reply LS on L2 measurements 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1816013 get it LS on RRC establishment cause in RRC reestablishment fallback case 2018-10-15
CC: R2-1816018 get it Reply LS on optimisation of UE capability signalling 2018-10-15
CC: R2-1816022 get it Reply LS on initial NAS security agreements 2018-10-15
CC: R2-1816026 get it LS on requesting study of system level aspects of NR-U 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1816043 get it LS on TSN requirements evaluation 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1816046 get it LS on UE identity to calculate PF and PO in NR 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1816051 get it LS on drb-Identity assignment in EN-DC 2018-10-15
CC: R2-1816053 get it Reply LS on security requirements for RRC connection release 2018-10-15
TO: R2-1816057 get it LS on RNAU without context relocation 2018-10-15
CC: S5-186375 get it LS reply on energy efficiency of 5G 2018-10-16
CC: S5-186491 get it Reply LS on Slice related Data Analytics 2018-10-15
Number of incoming LS documents: 16

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