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TO: 180226_RANFS_D1_Liaison Statement_V1 get it NGMN “RAN functional split and x-haul” work item 2018-03-06
TO: C1-181761 get it Reply LS on N2 and N3 interfaces for Non-3GPP access network 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181769 get it LS on Service Based interface for PWS 2018-03-07
TO: C1-181790 get it LS on TAI and forbidden TAI list for 5GS 2018-03-07
TO: C4-182247 get it Reply LS on defining a new GTP Extension Header for the 5GS Container 2018-03-07
TO: C4-182388 get it LS on Clarification on GTP-U ""Long PDCP PDU Number"" extension header 2018-03-07
CC: R1-1803480 get it LS on NR UE feature list 2018-03-07
CC: R2-180406 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-09
CC: R2-1804067 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-07
TO: R2-1804106 get it LS on UE differentiation in NB-IoT 2018-03-06
CC: R3-181542 get it LS on data forwarding for intra-system handover 2018-03-08
CC: R4-1802691 get it Reply LS on NR interworking with GSM and UMTS 2018-03-07
CC: R4-1802708 get it LS reply on UE RF related parameters, capabilities and features for NR standalone 2018-03-06
CC: R4-1803564 get it LS on UE feature list 2018-03-07
CC: R6-180049 get it Reply LS on adding new service type in QMC reporting 2018-03-06
TO: S2-182411 get it LS on Differentiation of LTE-M (eMTC) traffic from other LTE data traffic 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182415 get it LS on encrypting broadcasted positioning data and LS on provisioning of positioning assistance data via LPPa for broadcast 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182535 get it Reply LS on supporting non-3GPP access in NGAP 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182821 get it Reply LS on introducing explicit per-UE TNLA binding release in NGAP 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182856 get it LS reply to LS from RAN WG2: LS on QoS 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182964 get it LS on 5G-S-TMSI code space 2018-03-07
TO: S2-183025 get it LS on Allowed NSSAI indication to RAN 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180849 get it Reply LS to LS on security for CU-CP/UP separation R3-180630 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180943 get it LS on Support User Plane Encryption in UP security policy 2018-03-07
CC: S3-180972 get it LS on UP Security Policy 2018-03-07
CC: S3-180986 get it LS on AS Security Context Setup 2018-03-07
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