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CC: R1-1807520 get it Reply LS on RLM Qin/Qout Targets for URLLC 2018-05-30
TO: R1-1807543 get it LS on capability signalling for maximum number of ports for advanced CSI 2018-05-24
TO: R1-1807549 get it LS on details of new categories for 1024QAM 2018-05-30
TO: R1-1807551 get it LS on parameters and capabilities for SRS antenna switching 2018-05-24
TO: R1-1807566 get it LS on additional agreements for shortened TTI and processing time for LTE 2018-05-24
TO: R1-1807567 get it LS on Rel-14 NPRS enhancements 2018-05-30
TO: R1-1807718 get it Reply LS on PC5 transmission mechanism selection 2018-05-30
CC: R1-1807870 get it Reply LS on the transmission of video over PC5 interface 2018-05-30
TO: R1-1807900 get it [DRAFT] Reply to LS on Defining reserved resources in NR-SIB1 2018-05-30
TO: R1-1807924 get it LS on introduction of modulation enhancements for LTE 2018-06-11
TO: R1-1807972 get it LS on LTE V2X UE Categories and Reception Capabilities 2018-06-11
CC: R3-183320 get it Reply LS on adding new service type in QMC reporting 2018-05-28
TO: R3-183439 get it Reply LS on significant alienation of layer independent group dynamics 2018-06-04
CC: R3-183533 get it Reply LS on Aspects of Handling Large UE Radio Capabilities in EPC 2018-05-28
TO: R3-183572 get it Reply LS on updates for TS 36.300 2018-05-28
TO: R3-183574 get it Reply LS on EDT procedures and AS NAS interaction 2018-05-28
CC: R4-1807328 get it Reply LS on Narrowband measurement accuracy improvements 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808015 get it LS response on measurement gaps for Rel. 15 NR positioning 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808032 get it LS on eFeMTC CRS muting 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808164 get it LS on new channel bandwidth class for V2X 2018-06-04
CC: R4-1808210 get it Reply LS on the applicable requirements of the Power Class 2 capable UE 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808479 get it LS on the capability for NW_CRS_IM 2018-06-04
TO: R4-1808965 get it LS response on measurement gaps for Rel. 15 NR positioning 2018-07-11
TO: R4-1809409 get it LS on clarification of useServingCellTimingForSync 2018-07-11
TO: R4-1809547 get it LS on missing SSB information 2018-07-11
TO: R5-183258 get it Reply LS to RAN2 on early implementation 2018-06-13
TO: S2-185792 get it LS OUT on Location Service exposure to NG-RAN 2018-06-04
TO: S2-186265 get it LS on Issues with AS Release Assistance Indicator 2018-06-04
TO: S2-186267 get it Reply LS on FS_eVoLP 2018-06-04
TO: S2-187096 get it LS Reply on LMF determination that the UE is served by NR 2018-07-09
TO: S2-187539 get it Reply LS on enabling and disabling NG RAN Capabilities 2018-07-09
TO: S2-187543 get it Reply LS on Connection Control 2018-07-09
CC: S2-187563 get it Reply LS on Location Reporting for Area of Interest 2018-07-09
TO: S2-187575 get it LS on maximum size of UE Radio Capabilities and maximum Information Element size on network interfaces 2018-07-09
TO: S2-187600 get it Reply LS on Delay Tolerant Access and Low Access Priority in 5GS 2018-07-09
TO: S2-187629 get it LS on potential enhancement of DR-mode of operation 2018-07-20
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