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TO: R1-1812065 get it Reply LS on L1 capabilities 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1811935 get it Reply LS on power class for FR1 EN-DC and NR CA 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1811936 get it LS on aperiodicTriggeringOffset 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1811937 get it LS on description of QCL 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1811969 get it LS on field description for SearchSpace 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812026 get it LS on wideband carrier operation for NR-U 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812028 get it Reply LS on intra-band combination for NR CA and MR-DC 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812037 get it LS on RAN1 NR UE features update 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812057 get it LS on Uu control of NR sidelink 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812058 get it Multiple active configured UL grants for NR V2X 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812062 get it Reply LS on PHR and SUL 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812072 get it LS on clarification to Max Data Rate in TS38.306 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812074 get it LS on network synchronization for handover purposes 2018-10-17
TO: R1-1812075 get it LS on search space configuration for DCI format 2_0 monitoring 2018-10-17
TO: R3-186231 get it Reply LS on inclusion of selected PLMN into the complete message 2018-10-17
CC: R3-186232 get it Reply LS to SA5 on L2 measurements 2018-10-17
TO: R3-186248 get it Reply LS on asymmetric mapping for UL and DL QoS flows 2018-10-17
TO: R3-186262 get it LS on measurement of different SSBs with different PCIs within the same NCGI 2018-10-17
TO: R4- 1813862 get it Reply LS on intra-band combination for NR CA and MR-DC 2018-10-18
TO: R4-1813693 get it LS to RAN2 on measurement gap applicability 2018-10-18
TO: R4-1814148 get it Reply LS on power class and P-Max for FR1+FR2 EN-DC and NR CA 2018-10-18
CC: S5-186375 get it LS reply on energy efficiency of 5G 2018-10-16
Number of incoming LS documents: 22

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