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CC: 5GAA_A-170278 get it LS on V1 and V2 reference points 2017-12-07
CC: C1-174658 get it Reply LS on the number of bearers 2017-10-27
CC: C1-175380 get it LS on Status of Specifications Covering Requirements for IoT Modules 2017-12-04
CC: C4-175223 get it Reply LS on 5G Charging Study Phase 1 on N4 2017-11-13
CC: C4-175345 get it Reply LS on the number of bearers 2017-11-13
CC: LS reply to 3GPP SA2 onStatusIcon get it LS Reply to 3GPP SA2 on Status Icon related to 5G 2017-11-23
TO: LS_EOs_5D_758_temp388r1 get it Lisiaon statement to external organizations on the schedule for updating recommendation ITU-R M.2012 to revision 4 2017-10-19
CC: LS_EOs_5D_758_temp394r1 get it Further progress in development of the ITU-R recommendation for the terrestrial components of the IMT-2020 radio interface(s) 2017-10-19
CC: R2-1712066 get it Reply LS on the number of bearers 2017-10-16
CC: RP-172099 get it LS on IMT-2020 submission 2017-09-18
CC: S1-174542 get it LS on Removal of 'over LTE' limitation from Mission Critical Specifications 2017-12-12
TO: S2-179536 get it Reply LS on the number of bearers 2017-12-01
CC: S2-179625 get it LS on indicating service continuity usage of the additional IPv6 prefix in Router Advertisement 2017-12-11
CC: S4-171020 get it LS on Available End-to-End Services over MBMS 2017-10-16
CC: S6-171851 get it LS on Integration of northbound APIs with CAPIF 2017-12-04
TO: SAE 12112017-1 - LS Announcing SAE C-V2X final get it LS on Establishment of SAE Cellular V2X Technical Committee and Associated Task Forces 2017-12-11
TO: sp16-sg20-oLS-00060 get it LS on IPv6 work items^^^^ 2017-09-25
TO: TG5 Doc 012 get it LS reply to ITU-T SG2 on Evolution of IMSI format and E.212 Recommendation 2017-11-20
TO: TSGIoT03_002_v3 get it This LS is a request for the status of specifications covering requirements for IoT modules 2017-11-22
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