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CC: C4-186573 get it LS on Clarifications on SUPI definition and NAI format 2018-09-03
TO: C4-186606 get it Reply LS on AUSF/UDM instance selection and SUCI parameters 2018-09-03
TO: CP-182234 get it LS on Control Plane Solution for Steering of Roaming in 5GS 2018-09-14
TO: CP-182238 get it Reply LS on Routing ID 2018-09-14
TO: LS_ETSI_CL3463 get it LS on Joint ETSI - OSA Workshop: Open Implementations & Standardization 2018-09-03
TO: S2-188870 get it LS on Routing ID 2018-08-28
CC: S3-182530 get it Reply LS on GSMA question on 5G network slices 2018-08-28
TO: S3-183074 get it Reply LS on Routing ID 2018-10-04
Number of incoming LS documents: 8

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