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CC: C4-176395 get it LS on Use of Subscriber Identity in HTTP URI 2017-12-04
TO: S1-174542 get it LS on Removal of 'over LTE' limitation from Mission Critical Specifications 2017-12-12
TO: S2-179129 get it Reply LS on Clarification for Nwdaf service operations 2017-12-04
TO: S2-179226 get it LS Response on 5G Specification of PSy 2017-12-11
TO: S2-179491 get it Reply LS on possible reuse of T8 APIs for 5G 2017-12-04
CC: S2-179492 get it LS OUT on Overload Control of Service Based Interfaces 2017-12-04
TO: S2-179613 get it Reply LS on FEC and ROHC for mission critical services over MBMS 2017-12-11
CC: S3-173520 get it LS on User Plane Security Policy 2017-12-04
CC: S5-176313 get it LS to CT4 LS to CT4 on AVPs range numbers for Rel-15 2017-12-04
CC: S5-176467 get it LS to CT4 on the ""Study on forward compatibility for 3GPP Diameter Charging Applications"" completion 2017-12-04
CC: S6-171851 get it LS on Integration of northbound APIs with CAPIF 2017-12-04
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