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CC: C4-182244 get it LS Reply on SBI Design and its Security Implications 2018-03-05
CC: C4-182306 get it LS on the clarification of the UDR service name 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182397 get it Reply LS on Usage of Monitoring Duration 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182398 get it Reply LS on Group Message Delivery via MBMS 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182411 get it LS on Differentiation of LTE-M (eMTC) traffic from other LTE data traffic 2018-03-07
CC: S2-182723 get it Reply LS on PLMN and RAT selection policies for roaming 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182875 get it LS reply to LS reply to LS from SA2 to SA5 on Response on 5G Specification of PSy and LS on Reply on 5G Specification of N28 interface 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180894 get it LS on the documentation of security requirements for API design 2018-03-07
CC: S3-180998 get it LS on SoR mechanism 2018-03-07
Number of incoming LS documents: 9

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