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TO: C6-180039 get it Change default exempt status for BIP with respect to 3GPP PS Data Off feature 2018-03-06
CC: R2-180406 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-09
CC: R2-1804067 get it Response LS on optionality of the UE procedures related to RRC Inactive 2018-03-07
CC: R2-1804106 get it LS on UE differentiation in NB-IoT 2018-03-06
TO: R2-1804107 get it LS on clarification of NSSAI information exchange during Inactive to connected mode transition 2018-03-06
TO: R2-1804108 get it LS on Security aspects of supporting LTE connected to 5GC 2018-03-06
TO: R3-181573 get it Reply LS on EDT procedures and AS NAS interaction 2018-03-08
TO: R4-1803078 get it LS on EARFCN provisioning for Release 15 MTC and Release 15 NB-IOT UE 2018-03-07
TO: R5-181321 get it LS on mobile terminated calls over WLAN 2018-03-06
TO: R5-181588 get it Enhance the functionality of AT command +CUSPCREQ to also include reporting of received PSSCH transmissions 2018-03-06
CC: R6-180049 get it Reply LS on adding new service type in QMC reporting 2018-03-06
TO: S2-182355 get it LS on INOBEAR 2018-03-05
TO: S2-182415 get it LS on encrypting broadcasted positioning data and LS on provisioning of positioning assistance data via LPPa for broadcast 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182619 get it Response LS on UE policy delivery 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182718 get it Reply LS on mobility management congestion control 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182723 get it Reply LS on PLMN and RAT selection policies for roaming 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182856 get it LS reply to LS from RAN WG2: LS on QoS 2018-03-07
TO: S2-182865 get it Reply LS on DNN or S-NSSAI based congestion control performed at AMF 2018-03-07
CC: S2-182964 get it LS on 5G-S-TMSI code space 2018-03-07
CC: S2-182967 get it LS on indicating service continuity usage of the additional IPv6 prefix in Router Advertisement 2018-03-07
TO: S2-183024 get it Reply LS on 5G service request procedure 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180388 get it LS on protected payload message types 2018-01-29
CC: S3-180981 get it LS on Initial NAS message protection 2018-03-07
TO: S3-180998 get it LS on SoR mechanism 2018-03-07
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