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Webinar - 3GPP RAN Status

September 18, 2017

We have subscribed to a new way to disseminate news from 3GPP groups. The 3GPP Brighttalk channel  will host a series of personal presentations by the leadership and rapporteurs, on a topical event or feature.

The first webinar will be live on September 25, 2017. Balazs Bertenyi will present his Chairman's status report on the RAN#77 meeing, held in Sapporo (September 11-14).

If you would like to follow the webinar live, or to see it afterwards, please visit the 3GPP channel to register.

Recent News

TCCA forms industry group with LTE and 5G focus

BIG inaugural meeting, September 1, 2017

The TCCA has just beefed up its work to ensure 3GPP-compliant products and services meet the evolving needs of all critical communication industries, including; public safety, transportation, utilities, and mining.

Their Broadband Industry Group (BIG) will be the place where vendors will meet “to accelerate the adoption of broadband critical communications based on latest 3GPP LTE standards”, according to the group’s Chairman - Philippe Agard of Nokia.

Working Group election results

wg leaders coverimageAugust 30, 2017

Nine of our sixteen Working Groups held leadership elections, during their meetings last week. 

Our newly elected Chairs are Wanshi Chen (Qualcomm), elected Chair of 3GPP RAN WG1 and Susana Fernandez (Ericsson), who is the new CT WG3 Chairman. Both have vast experience in the groups and will surely hit the floor running.

The re-elected Chairmen were in CT6 - Heiko Kruse, RAN2 - Richard Burbidge, RAN5 - Jacob John and SA5 - Thomas Tovinger. 

Elections for several Vice-Chairmanships were also conducted, in eight of the groups. The full details of the candidates and the results can be

The 3GPP technical leadership now looks like this (newly elected & re-elected in green): 

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