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Collaboration on LTE - WLAN Integration

March 23, 2016

Last week, in Macau, 3GPP RAN leaders presented to the IEEE 802.11 Wireless Next Generation Standing Committee, briefing them on the 3GPP work done in Release-13 for LTE-WLAN Aggregation (LWA) and LTE WLAN Radio Level Integration with IPsec Tunnel (LWIP).

The presentation was given to stimulate further discussions on collaboration between IEEE and 3GPP.


RAN Evolution of LTE in Release 14

Gothenburg, March 11, 2016

The 3GPP RAN group has started working on the evolution of LTE specifications in Release 14, targeting completion by June 2017. The list below contains the main projects approved so far, providing links to the features being evaluated.

Dino Flore, the RAN group Chairman observed that “While a few more projects may be approved in the coming months, this list gives a good idea on how LTE will evolve – in Release 14 - to meet various market demands.”

Recent News

3GPP Video is ready for Prime-Time TV

March 20, 2016

3GPP SA4 have completed work on a set of video profiles that allow service providers to be able to rely on a well-defined set of video formats and a consistent quality of experience for TV-centric services over 3GPP networks.

During 3GPP Release 13, SA4 identified the commonly used video formats in the Broadcast industry and adapted them for TV and VoD distribution over 3GPP systems - inspired by the desire to minimize interoperability issues and to maximize harmony between 3GPP and the Broadcast world.

Findings and conclusions on video formats are documented in the Technical Report 26.949.

Based on these findings, a set of 5 operating points, ranging from 720p HD to Ultra HD (4K 2160p), are defined:

SA#71 - Release 13 frozen in Gothenburg

March 15, 2016 

Alain Sultan, the 3GPP Work Plan manager, takes a look at the major milestones reached during the recent plenary meetings in Gothenburg, with a particular focus on the achievements of SA#71. 

Last week, SA completed all of the remaining Release 13 work, with one exception remaining – but with a clear end in sight.

Among the completed items, the most significant one may well be the Mission Critical work ("MCPTT"). To achieve this, for the first time in 3GPP, a live conference call was held during the SA meeting to complete the key remaining issue - deciding upon a voice codec for MCPTT. Thanks to this initiative, MCPTT’s functionality is now fully defined in Release 13.

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